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Sensory-Friendly Time: Make Your Own Fidget Toy

Create your own squishy friend using colorful balloons and water beads.
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Crafters, fidgeters, and sensory-play enthusiasts ages 4 and up.

For this activity offered during our weekly Sensory-Friendly Times, we will guide Campers and their families through the project step-by-step with visual examples for each step, and there will be extra time and materials on hand to create with. Find out more about CAMP’s Sensory-Friendly programming here.

  • Use a funnel to fill a plastic bottle with with slimy water beads.

  • Next, stretch out the balloon out by blowing air into it. Then, cover the top of the plastic bottle with the end of the balloon.

  • Turn the plastic bottle upside down and squeeze! This will help get those water beads into the balloon.

  • Tie a knot and cut off any excess rubber. Secure your fidget toy by adding 2 more balloons.

  • Decorate the outside of your fidget toy with markers, googly eyes and yarn.

  • Finally, squeeze away and take your DIY fidget toy home to play.

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