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You Can Determine the Fate of the Universe with Your Next Doodle

So grab a pen! No pressure, or anything.

Sarah Burns · about 1 month ago

  • art


Your mission? Blast off on an epic space journey with Camp’s Space Story Generator! Flex that out-of-this-world creativity, and roll the die to craft a story set in space. This is a stellar way to gain some artistic confidence, because there are no wrong answers: space-tech, creatures, undiscovered worlds — they can look however you want. Play with a group, and share your space adventure with the hashtag #CampSpaceStory, because the best way to enjoy art is to pass it on!

You need:

  • A six-sided die

  • A piece of drawing paper

  • Art supplies of your choice — colored pencils, markers, crayons, whatever you like to draw with

Here’s how it works.

Chance and fate will play a role in creating elements of your space story! Roll the die four times to determine the setting, characters, and plot. The first roll will determine what type of space-tech you have to work with. The second and third rolls will add cool stuff to your space-tech. The fourth and final roll is what you’re trying to do.

03 ArticleImg SpacecraftGenSetLarge 1080x1080 Game

For example...

04 ArticleImg SpacecraftGenSetLarge 1080x1080 Example

Have fun, use your imagination, and we'll see you up among the stars!

05 ArticleImg SpacecraftGenSetLarge 1080x1080 EndCard

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