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12 Ways to Make Summer Birthdays Extra Special

Make the most of your kid's summertime birthday with balloons, blow-up toys, and plenty of fun in the sun.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

how to make summer birthdays special


Summer birthdays are way underrated. There's no school, the sun stays out longer, and the weather is great for an outdoor celebration. And it doesn't stop there! Check out our ideas for how to make your kid's summer birthday extra special — those winter babies might even start to get jealous! 

1. Party Outdoors

summer birthday ideas


Easily one of the top perks about having a summer birthday is the weather. It's pretty much guaranteed that the birthday kid will have a beautiful sunny day, right? Because of this, they'll be able to have a party outside, unlike their friends with winter birthdays. Embrace the outdoors and throw your kid's birthday party in your backyard, local park, or even at the beach

2. Birthday Snail Mail

making summer birthdays special


Having a birthday in the summer can sometimes get a little complicated because their friends are all over the place. Solve that problem by having the birthday kid ask them to mail a letter or postcard. Then they can open all their birthday mail at once and they'll be able to celebrate with all of their friends, no matter where they are. 

3. Birthday Countdown


Julie Measures

Kids know It's never too early to get excited for their birthday! This year, start the anticipation early with a birthday countdown. Keep the countdown simple with a countdown poster or countdown paper chain. If you want to start the treats early, make a surprise countdown calendar. The surprise calendar is basically like an advent calendar but can be filled with pretty much anything. It will make the month leading up to their big day extra exciting!

4. Stay Up All Night



It's time to stay up all night long! Since school nights are pretty much non-existent in the summer, there's no need to go to bed early and cut the party short. Have your kid invite their friends over for a sleepover party and celebrate all night long! Or until the sugar coma takes over ...

5. Pool Party


There's a good reason why a pool party birthday party is such a classic move. Make your kid's birthday pool party extra special this year and go all out when it comes to decorations, entertainment, and food. Fill the pool area like a tropical oasis, go big with inflatables, and make sure to put out all their favorite toppings at the ice cream sundae bar. Don't stop the party when the sun goes down, either. Throw some glow sticks in the pool to keep the party going all night long. 

6. Two Parties



Just because there's no school in the summer doesn't mean that they can’t celebrate in school. Next year, celebrate their half birthday during the school year. That way, they'll get to mark the occasion just like all of their classmates. Plus, they'll get to have two parties, unlike all the winter babies! 

7. Day Trips



Summer is all about road trips, so this year get into the car and take the party on the road. Take a drive to an amusement or waterpark, find a rock climbing and zipline course, or head to the beach. The summer allows for much more flexibility for the celebration location, making your kid's party options pretty much endless — that is, as long as they're driveable!

8. Inflatables



Celebrate their birthday one bounce at a time with a party full of inflatables. If it's a hot day, keep things cool with an inflatable waterslide, giant inflatable sprinkler, or even giant inflatables in the pool. Not looking to get wet? No problem! Blow up a bounce house or giant slide to keep the party going. Don't let the inflatables stop there. Keep the entertainment going with a round of inflatable bowling or a giant inflatable art easel

9. Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie night


Transform your backyard into an outdoor movie theater for a birthday party your kid won't forget. Grab all the comfy chairs and blankets and set up shop right in front of the projector and screen. If you don't have a projector, a giant sheet will do the trick. Don't forget to load up on candy and popcorn before the movie starts! 

10. Summertime Sweets



For some reason, certain desserts just seem wrong to eat over the winter. Don't get me wrong, s'mores are delicious, but eating them over a campfire makes them taste so much better! Also, there's just something super refreshing about eating a popsicle on a hot summer day. For their birthday, make sure you load them up with all of the sweet summer treats like s'mores, popsicles, and ice cream sandwiches.

11. Breakfast In Bed



Start their birthday off right with a feast in bed. Since there's no school in the summer, they can leisurely eat their breakfast just like a queen or king. Forget the quick granola bar or yogurt as they are running out the door and let them indulge in waffles or chocolate chip pancakes. It will be the perfect way to start off their special birthday celebration. 

12. Decorations Galore



Get their party started early and fill the house with decorations the night before. Hang up garlands and streamers from the ceiling and fill the different rooms in your house with balloons. For the finishing touches, make a balloon avalanche right outside of the birthday kiddo's room to surprise them first thing in the morning!

Updated June 2022.