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Pack Up Summer Fun With These Day Camp Must-Haves

Everything kids need to be ready for their funnest, silliest, camp-iest summer yet!

Margo Gothelf and Daniel Fernandez

CAMP Bags StyledTieDyeBackpack extended

If your kids are getting ready for a summer of adventures, activities, fun, and friends at day camp, and they're not sure what they'll need, don't worry! We’ve pulled together some day camp must-haves to help you make sure the kids make the most of their summer. Admittedly, some of these picks are more practical than others — but hey, day camp is supposed to be a little bit silly, right?

CAMP Cotton Canvas Backpack

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to an average camp day. In the morning they're swimming and then in the afternoon they're playing baseball, and there's lunch and snack and bus time to factor in, too. They can store all of their equipment for the day and more in this CAMP cotton canvas backpack. Not only will it help them carry everything they need, but its stylish design will make them look pretty cool while doing it. 

Suck UK Paper Watch

Your camper can’t be late for their first day of day camp, no way! They’ve got to wake up bright and early and roll up to day camp wearing a watch that’s as unique as they are. This Paper Watch is totally customizable and can be drawn on with pencil, pen, marker, you name it. Plus, because it’s so eye-catching it’s a great conversation starter and a way of making new friends! 

Selfie Clothing Color-In Cap

As soon as they step off the bus in this custom-made color-in cap, everyone will want to know where they got it. Good thing it’s a one-of-a-kind design. With retro graphics, a flexible fit, and a permanent fabric pen that comes included, this fully adjustable cap is ready to be colored in and filled with designs that are as unique as they are! 

DIY Hydro Bottle

Let them complete the totally-customized camp look with the ultimate day camp accessory: A go-anywhere water bottle that they can decorate with their own designs. Don't forget to put their name on it — not that anybody's going to mistake their boring old water bottle for your kid's creative masterpiece.

Fashion Angels Sticker Collage Hydro Craft Kit

Because kids literally cannot have enough water bottles for day camp, they'll need at least one spare for when their #1 water bottle is in the dishwasher from yesterday. This water bottle kit is another way to make a creative statement. Neon waterproof stickers make their gear stand out even on a rainy day, or in the depths of their camp duffel.

Shimmeez Clip-Ons

If your camper gets nervous when it comes to new social situations, Shimmeez Clip-Ons are the perfect (and most shimmery) travel companions that clip onto backpacks and bags with eez! Each character has a two-toned sequin plush that they can flip back and forth to change colors.

iScream Silver Glitter Earbud Compact

They can take a minute to relax and recharge on the bus after a long day at camp with these wireless earbuds. And they don't need to worry about them getting crushed in their bag during the day. The sleek headphones come with a compact charging case, ensuring that they'll have a full battery for the ride home. 

Fashion Angels Convertibles Hair Tie Bracelets

Chances are good that they're going to go through a bunch of hair ties this summer. These convertible hair tie bracelets dress up their hair with charms and beads, effortlessly upping their sense of style whether they wear them as bracelets or hair accessories.

Sunnylife Underwater Camera

Nowadays, most children have no idea what the heck you’re talking about when you tell them stories of “getting rolls of film developed.” Well, here’s your chance to hit em with a blast from the past (and teach them a lesson about patience). This waterproof 35 mm film camera (film not included) includes a thumb wheel advance system and comes with a wrist strap and detachable waterproof casing — now your kid’s wildest dreams of becoming an exotic mollusk photographer can come true! 

Burrito Blanket

Let them trade in their classic picnic blanket for a Burrito Blanket. The blanket will be great for your kid and their camp buddies to sit on in the grass and play cards or make friendship bracelets. The only downside: They might be craving a burrito for dinner after hanging out on the blanket all day. 

Meri Meri Temporary Tattoos

We’ve all thought of getting a massive unicorn tattoo across our foreheads at one point another, right?! Meri Meri’s temporary tattoos give kids the chance to see just what their bicep would look like with a giraffe on it. With multiple tattoos in each pack these are great for sharing and are perfect bits of tiny fun! 

Friendship Bracelet Stickers

What's a kid to do when they want to rock coordinated friendship bracelets with their day camp besties but they're so busy with activities and fun in the sun that they don't have time to weave a lanyard bracelet? Now they can just slap on these friendship bracelet stickers and get back into that three-legged race!

Rhyme Antics

If loving rhyme is a crime then I’ll do the time! Rhyme Antics is a game that prompts players to freestyle to vocabulary words and prompts backed with beats and all of your friends as your hype-men/pump up squad. Kids will love playing this on the bus — pass the teeny shiny mike and bust some beats on that day trip!