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Family New Year’s Resolutions That Will Be Fun To Keep

Stir up some excitement for the year ahead with these fun-filled goals for the whole family.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

Family Resolutions for New Year's 2021


So long, 2021! We’re ready for 2022 and — spoiler alert — it’s packed full of exciting goals to make the new year more fun! We all know teamwork makes the dream work, so gather the gang to dream up your most feel-good new year resolutions that you’ll definitely want to keep. To get you started, here are some fun ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

1. Manifest Your Goals by Creating a Family Vision Board

Make a Family Vision Board

House of Kerrs

The first step to reaching your goals is to visualize them! Where do you want to be in your health and happiness journey in the new year? How do you and your family want to feel? Get together and think about what you hope to accomplish in 2022 and bring your goals to life on a family vision board. They're not only a lot of fun to make, but they serve as a visual reminder so you don't lose sight of your aspirations throughout the year. This will become a family tradition everyone will look forward to at the start of each year.

Take note from House of Kerrs on how to make your own! 

2. Practice Gratitude by Making Gratitude Flowers

Gratitude Flowers


Practicing gratitude serves as a wonderful reminder to celebrate what we have. Whether it's family, health, or the frontline workers making the world go round, there is something we can all be grateful for. Creating gratitude flowers is a creative spin on the practice and a surefire way to encourage the little ones to reflect. Get in some good ol' family bonding time to create this fun and mindful craft that encourages you to think about the things in life that make you happy! 

Go to Blissful Kids to create your very own gratitude flowers with the fam. 

3. Unplug and Create Memories



Create some truly magical memories by unplugging and unwinding together more often. With so much screen-free fun to be had, you’ll treasure disconnecting from the world to spend quality time with your loved ones. Plot your next off-the-grid adventure in the wilderness, or set aside time to bake your favorite delicious treats together in the kitchen. We’ll trade tapping on electronics with tapping into uninterrupted family time any day.

4. Make Mealtimes More Fun and Mindful

Smiley Faces

Liz's Healthy Table

Try not to smile when you’re making these adorable peanut butter smiley faces! Get the whole family involved (yes, even the little ones) to make this fun and creative dish, and make some memories in the process. This yummy treat is a perfect way to make mindful food choices and switch up mealtime by adding a tasty new treat to your regular snack rotation!

Follow along with Liz's Healthy Table to make your own! 

5. Move and Make Memories

Move and Make Memories

Mommy Gone Healthy

Looking for an instant happiness booster? Get those natural feel-good hormones going (thanks, endorphins) and turn up the fun factor by challenging the fam to an obstacle course or a larger-than-life game of snakes and ladders! These thrilling activities and games will quickly become one of your family’s favorite ways to move, make memories, and have fun. 

Go to Mommy Gone Healthy to move with a twist!

6. Practice Mindfulness Together



Coming together as a family to recognize your feelings and letting them ride without judgment is a wonderful way to bond and unwind as a family. There are plenty of fun activities you can do together to help guide your practice. 

Go to The Counselling Teacher for kid-friendly mindfulness activities you can do together as a fam!