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Father's Day Coupons He Can Redeem for His Best Day Ever

Give Dad what he really wants: Fun time with the fam!

Erica Silverstein

Father's Day Coupons


Let’s be real: Dad does not want another tie for Father’s Day. He does want lots of love from his family, some good grub, and possibly a nap. This year, kids can give their favorite Papa the fun-filled day of his dreams with these Father’s Day coupons he can redeem for special activities — and maybe a little bit of alone time. Have the kiddos cut up these ideas into slips of paper Dad can choose to make his Sunday schedule, or let them create their own coupons to give Dad his best day ever.

Father's Day Coupons from CAMP

Kids can color and cut out these Father's Day coupons for a personalized present for Pop!

Ways for Kids to Treat Dad on Father's Day

  • I will draw a special picture for Dad to hang up by his bed or desk.

    I will let Dad pick the car music (and not laugh at his choices).

    I will take Dad to the park for a game of catch.

    I will challenge Dad to a joke competition.

    I will share my bowl of chips with Dad, even if they're his favorite kind.

    I will not start a burping contest at dinner. Unless Dad wants to have a burping contest.

    I will show Dad all my favorite YouTube videos.

    I will not sit in Dad's favorite chair or leave all my toys and books there.

    I will go with Dad on a hike or bike ride and not complain that I'm tired.

    I will show Dad all my best dance moves, and let him show me his.

    I will pick up all the shoes and dirty clothing I have dropped on the floor throughout our home.

    I will make Dad his favorite treat (maybe with help).

    I will invite Dad to my tea party and only make him dress up if he wants to.

    I will not jump on Dad while he's napping.

    I will challenge Dad to a wrestling or tickling match, and I will not go easy on him.

    I will watch Dad's favorite sportsball game on TV with him.

    I will clean up after Dad and I do a messy science experiment.

    I will invite Dad to play a board or video game with me, and let him go first.

    I will help Dad with his chores or help him fix something.

    I will give Dad the biggest snuggle of all time and tell him how much I love him.

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