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10 Fun Facts You Definitely Didn't Know About Your February Birthday

February kids are just born with it!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

February Kids Are

February might be one of the shortest months of the year, but what it lacks in days, it makes up for by being one of the best months to be born. Several scientific studies out there suggest that people with February birthdays are all the more special and unique — and we can't argue with that! Kick off your birthday celebration with scientific proof of what makes you gifted since the day you were born!

1. February kids are ARTISTS



Did you reach for a paintbrush before your pacifier? According to science, there's a good chance you're a natural-born artist, so you might want to save those doodles you did for fun in case they end up gracing the walls of a gallery one day! A study by the Office of National Statistics found people born during the month of February are more likely to become artists than any other month. We see you, little Picasso!

2. February kids could be LEAPLINGS



As the shortest month in the year, there are fewer birthdays in February, making your day a extra-rare gem, but what really sets this month apart is it's the only month that gains an extra day — a Leap Day — every four years on February 29th! Those born on a Leap Day are exceptionally unique, making up only 0.1 percent of the world's population, while the rest of us in the February club look cool simply by association!

3. February kids are SMART



When scientists at Harvard University find winter kiddos are brighter than their peers (that includes you, February), who are we to disagree? The study monitored 21,000 girls and boys worldwide over seven years and found those born during the winter months performed better in a series of intelligence tests. 

4. February kids are STRONGER and TALLER



The same Harvard study also found that winter kids are stronger and taller by age seven compared to their peers. Perhaps a career playing for the NBA could be on the cards? Only time will tell! 

5. February kids are set to blow out a LIFETIME OF CANDLES



Research suggests individuals born during the winter months live longer lives! The American Journal of Human Biology found those born in fall or winter have significantly increased longevity, giving you even more of a reason to celebrate another trip around the sun! 

6. February kids are destined for FAME



Who knew your star sign could actually serve as a tell-tale sign that you're destined for stardom? A study from the Journal of Social Sciences found that people born under the Aquarius sign (from January 20th to February 18th) are more likely to become celebrities than any other zodiac sign. See you in Hollywood!

7. February kids DREAM BIG



You share your birthday month with some of the world's most legendary icons, including the likes of civil rights activist Rosa Parks, basketball star Michael Jordan, and Apple visionary Steve Jobs! Going by this list, achieving great things almost appears to be a February birthright. Your move!

8. February kids are CHILL



Being born during the cooler months could mean you have a cooler temperament! A study found winter babies (born between December and March) are less irritable and prone to mood swings. Welcome to the cool club, February (pun intended)!

9. February kids are POLITE



Another study suggests winter kids may actually be more well-behaved compared to individuals born in other seasons. The study speculates this has to do with the way winter babies brains produce and seek out feel-good hormones like seretonin and dopemine. In short, it feels nice to be nice to others!

10. February kids are LEADERS



History tells us 20% of U.S. Presidents were born under the Aquarius sign — from January 20th to February 18th — more than other astrological sign! Abraham Lincoln (February 12th), Ronald Reagan (February 6th), and William Henry Harrison (February 9th) are only some of the Presidents born during the month of February — could you be next? 

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you, but in the meantime — happy birthday! 


Updated January 2022