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The Best Gifts for Grandparents on Grandparents' Day (Or Any Day)

Every day of the year should be Grandparents' Day! Show your appreciation for Nana and Pop-Pop with these ideas — some sweet, some silly, some fart-y.

Sarah Burns · about 1 month ago

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gifts for grandparents day


Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day, but any day with your grandparents is a call for celebration! After all, they’re not just your grandparents; they’re people with a full past you probably know very little about, including a lifetime of knowledge, jokes, recipes, and stories. Any time is a great time to take interest in their interests, and show them you care with a heartfelt gift.

Inspirational Women 1000 Piece Puzzle

If you had designed this puzzle, you’d have put your granny front and center with all the other amazing women in this 1000-piece challenge. Give the gift of quality time and tackle this puzzle like the inspirational duo you are!

Pizza Garden Seed Ball Kit

They’ve been helping you grow all your life, so isn’t it time for you to help them grow ... some delicious pizza toppings? This kit comes with four all-organic seed balls (for oregano, basil, arugula, and cherry tomatoes) and everything they need to thrive except water. Remember to ask, “Did you wet your plants?” and you can both have a good laugh over pizza.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Cheese, wine, and grandparents all prove that some things get better with age! This kit proves that’s also true of hot sauce. Kitchen chemists of all ages will enjoy experimenting with new flavors and heat levels. When you’re ready to explore other fermented food prep methods, you and Grandpa can use the kit to pickle your favorite veggies or master home-crafted krauts. 

Golden Girls Clue

A crime has been committed at 6151 Richmond Street — someone’s eaten all the cheesecake! Get your Golden Girls-loving crew together and get reacquainted with your favorite characters with this twist on a classic board game. Full of show references, one-liners, and in-jokes, this game is twice the fun with fellow fans!

Make Your Own Mondrian

Inspired by the bold colors, negative space, and blocky shapes of modernist master Piet Mondrian, this tabletop game is a thoughtful gift for art-museum-loving grandparents. The box contains 57 pieces to arrange while meditating on form, color, and balance. No matter how you piece it together, the result is a work of art, and a relaxing way to scratch that creative itch.

Multi-Tool Flashlight

As you get older, you appreciate the importance of being prepared! And having a multi-use tool like this one around means you’ll always be ready. It’s the perfect size for stashing in a glove compartment in case of emergencies, or pocketing for hikes and camping trips. Keep one in the kitchen as a can opener, and for quick repairs like tightening loose cabinet handles. And of course, Grandpa can use the bottle opener to reward himself for being so productive. 

Blooming Succulent Paint-by-Number Kit

Painting is a relaxing, creative pastime, but pulling out the paints, canvas, and coming up with a subject can feel really daunting. Get right to the fun part with a lovely paint-by-number that can be completed in an afternoon. Elle Cree features unique images designed to be fun to paint, and beautiful to display!

Gentlemen's Hardware Lucky Socks

Help Grandpa put his best foot forward, because every day could be their lucky day! If they love getting in on the game, it’s a sure bet they’re always looking for a new good-luck charm. This set ups the ante with three super lucky pairs of socks featuring popular fortune favoring motifs from around the world. 

Animal Mah-Jong

Mah-jong is a popular Chinese game that is played all over the world, and you can find hundreds of versions of the game with intricate designs and characters. This is the same traditional game players know and love, but with beautiful, vibrantly illustrated tiles featuring animals of the land, air and sea. 

Duck Duck Drink Tea and Manatea Tea Infuser

Fancy some tea for two? These cheeky tea friends are sure to put a smile on any tea enthusiast's face. This aquatic pair make the perfect companions for a midday pick-me-up: a duck diving deep for the steep, and a manatee pal brewing tea from its tail!

Horseshoe Pave Stud Earrings

When you see a horseshoe, it usually means two things: luck, and somewhere a horse is walking around with just a sock on one hoof. Horseshoes are often hung in doorways like a U to collect luck, and invite good fortune into the home. Grams will love the symbolism and the bit of bling — and consider herself lucky to get such a thoughtful gift.

Bob Ross Monopoly

Celebrate the Joy of Painting, by becoming an acclaimed art dealer! Choose your Bob Ross inspired token, and start your journey through the ins and outs of art as a business. Buy, sell, and trade your way to fortune and earn Happy Bucks in what is easily the most peaceful version of the classic Monopoly game — featuring real paintings by the master himself. 

Gift Republic Fart Sound Box

He can blame it on the dog all he wants, but Gramps ain’t foolin’ anyone — unless he has this little trick up his sleeve. The Gift Republic Fart machine is a cheeky gift that’ll keep on giving, with delightful auditory appearances at Sunday dinners, vacations, and family reunions.

Homesick Book Club Candle

Pages rustling, the smooth feel of paper under your fingertips ... curling up with a good book is a full sensory experience. The bibliophile grandparent in your life can get those reading room vibes anywhere they choose with this all-natural, soy wax candle, featuring notes of citrus, nutmeg, balsam, and vanilla that’ll make the mustiest of tomes more pleasurable to read!

Andy Warhol Memory Game

Andy Warhol didn’t just have a thing for repetition; he also enjoyed repeating himself — just like Grandpa's best stories. Put your memory to the test with the Campbell’s Tomato Soup Cans motif in his legendary color palette, and give your brain a workout while contemplating iconic pop art.

A Year in Flowers

Creating a bouquet is truly an art form, and this book shows how to bring floral beauty home year round. Get the most out of your garden blossoms while learning how to showcase flower market options. Giving Nana flowers is nice, but learning how to craft beautiful bouquets with her is priceless.

The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

At the intersection of precise measurements and food preparation you’ll find the best bakers around, and chefs who follow recipes to a tee. This is 9 x 12 inches of strong, naturally antibacterial bamboo, designed for any cook who aspires to slice and dice with the utmost precision. Grandma's casserole club could never.

The Love & Lemons Cookbook

The Love & Lemons Cookbook goes beyond recipes and teaches readers how to shake things up. The focus here is on simple steps with quality ingredients, and how to adapt if a missing item at the supermarket thwarts your food plans. It challenges conventional meal planning, and inspires readers to experiment with fruits and veggies in all new, delicious ways. Try a few recipes with Grandpa or Grandma and start a whole new tradition.