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Trick-or-Treat Yourself to a Not-Too-Spooky Story Time

Curl up with a good read for Halloween — these books for kids have just the right amount of chills.

Sarah Burns · about 2 months ago



Fall under the spell of the season with some eerie-sistably entertaining reads guaranteed to deliver laughs, thrills, and chills, without being super scary. Time to turn down the lights, grab some snacks, and let’s get this party startled! 

Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance

He might be a horrific monster, but Frank is here to follow his dreams! Written in delightful, frightfully hilarious rhyming prose, Frank Was a Monster who Wanted to Dance is a joy to read aloud, and the gross, creepy illustrations are as funny as they are strangely charming. Recommended for ages two and up, this is a silly story with a great message that will delight anyone into the spooky, kooky, and weird.


Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Retro Book Set

Creep it real this Halloween, and travel back to the 90s when R.L. Stine’s name was synonymous with haunted dummies, ravenous slimes, and spooky, wise-cracking narrations. This 25 Year Anniversary Box Set, featuring artwork from the original wacky covers, is a sure hit for a new generation of horror fans ages 8 and up, and will scare seasoned fans of the franchise by making them feel really, really old.

The Monster Book of Zombies, Spooks and Ghouls

When it comes to creativity, this book will give things that go bump in the night a real run for their money. Designed for ages 6 and up, the pages are crawling with dozens of boredom-busting, spook-filled activities, perfect for artistic fans of classic creeps like vampires, werewolves, and g-g-g-ghosts! Create fearsome creatures, draw creepy crawlies, even design some zombie dinner options — I’d hate to be what’s on that plate. 

Monster School

It’s time to gather up your boo-ks, because school is in session! Meet the students of Monster School — they might be ghouls, ghosts, vampires, and banshees, but they have personalities all their own. It’s a celebration of the underdogs — those remarkable for being unremarkable. This one is intended for ages 5-8, but Shel Silverstein fans will absolutely appreciate author Kate Coombs’ prose and off-beat humor. The words pair so perfectly with the vivid illustrations of these creepy characters you’ll swear they’re aliiiiive!

Harry Potter Hardcover Box Set

Autumn is the ideal season for getting snug and curling up with a good book — or seven. Tidiness is encouraged at Hogwarts, and this set comes stowed in a collectible trunk that would fit right in at the foot of Ron Weasley's bed. Harry Potter is a series that really grows with the reader, and each new installment grows in complexity and reading level, but the first few books of the series are wonderful easy readers that can be easily enjoyed by kids as young as six. New audiences will be captivated by the characters, twisting story arcs, of course, the magic of the Wizarding World. For the generation of fans who grew up with the series, these books are filled with friends, familiar plots, and lots of memories.

The Pomegranate Witch

A gnarly old tree has just sprouted the most enchanting pomegranates, and the neighborhood kids are pining for a taste. But the tree doesn’t belong to them; it belongs to an old woman who’s not about to share them with a bunch of kids (so obviously a witch, right?). Kids 5-8 will relate best to this magically illustrated tale, and adults will appreciate the wholesome nostalgic feel that proves a spooky story doesn’t have to mean a scary one.

Skeletitos: Make Every Moment Count

I don’t want to alarm you, but...there’s a skeleton inside of you, right now! In fact, here’s a whole book of them, and they’re excited to dance, sing, and teach how to tell time. It’s a silly Day of the Dead themed romp through different interactive mediums designed for kids as young as 3 months up to six years. The book includes a movable clock to change the time with each rhyming verse, and an adorable online animated sing-along featuring the book’s marvelous Mexican calavera style artwork. 

Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set Light Blue with Free Gruffalo Tonie

Life isn’t easy, especially when you’re small and tasty. Stay calm, and get creative — Toniebox is here to help. Here’s a friendly-but-still-fearsome Gruffalo to tell the tale of the infamous monster, but he also has up to 20 minutes of unique themed content to share. New to this audio storytelling system? This is the perfect set to get little listeners ages 3 and up started on an interactive, audio adventure. Comes complete with a Creative Tonie for hours of endless customized content, and a charging station for up to seven hours of story magic!

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