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Happy Birthday, February Kids!

Our curated monthly guide to February birthdays, from cake baking to gifts — and all the arty party-planning details in between.

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February Birthday Guide

They say it’s your February birthday? Don’t worry, we’ll keep this as short as the month you were born in so we can get to the partying.

While February birthdays might get lumped in with Valentine’s Day, they’re also special because it's statistically unique to be born in the shortest month of the year. But what these kiddos lack in days, they make up for in height: Science shows babies born in February are typically taller and weigh more than their friends at age 7 (further proof: Michael Jordan celebrates his birthday on February 17). February kids can also fame-claim being born in the same month that we pin our hopes on a groundhog, honor pizza (National Pizza Day is February 9th), and spread good vibes (Bob Marley was born on February 6th)!

So if all that — plus hearts, flowers, and chocolate — sounds like a reason to celebrate, read on for our gift list, cake making (and decorating) guide, and party ideas for the best February birthday yet.

Roses Are Red, February Birthday Cakes Are Red Velvet


nito100 / Getty Images

Crush much? Check out our guide to making a red velvet birthday cake (among other festive cakes for the month) that everyone will love dearly.

Or take a crack at making any old store-bought cake feel a little extra special and homemade with this quick 5-minute cake hack.

10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your February Kid

Discover why February kids are famous for being Friends (Jennifer Anniston was born this month), presidents, and taller-than-average people.

Heartfelt Birthday Presents Your February Birthday Kid Will Love

Wondering what to get your February birthday kid? This guide to the perfect gifts for the month has a ton of age-appropriate gifts to chose from. Unless your kid was born on a leap year and is technically only like two years old or whatever. You're on your own there.

Creative Theme Ideas for February Birthday Parties

Creative Arts Party

Moms and Munchkins

You've only got 28 days to plan the perfect party (if you're lucky!) so you're going to need all the help you can get. This guide to February birthday themes is a great place to start.

15 Tips and Ideas for Throwing Your Best Sleepover Party Ever

slumber party ideas


Want to make your sleepover party a 10 out of 10? You easily can thanks to these slumber party ideas and planning tips. You’ll be having too much fun to even think about going to sleep. 

Extra-Cheerful Ideas for a Super-Happy Birthday Party

Rainbow Party

Happy Wish Company / Project Nursery

Add an extra bit of happiness to your birthday party with these mega-happy, super-cheery, over-the-top-fun birthday party ideas. These cheerful themes, decorations, and activity ideas will keep birthday spirits sky-high!

Host a Birthday Celebration with CAMP!

Not to brag, but here at CAMP we're pretty good at having fun. Find out about how to have your birthday party with CAMP — we can help you plan a birthday party for the record books!

Updated January 2022