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Highly Random White Elephant Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want To Steal

We all — every single one of us — secretly desire a dinosaur-shaped taco holder. There's no point denying it.

Megan Baldwin and Margo Gothelf


You know that random fun gift that you'd never think to buy but know would be really cool to have? That's basically a white elephant gift in a nutshell. While they're all pretty random, they are all exciting and fun to receive — and maybe even steal from your friends too. Need some ideas for what to bring to your white elephant gift swap? We've got you covered!

1. Mini Zoltar

Running Press Book Publishers

Running Press Book Publishers

Good for: The person who can’t stop doom scrolling

The future is uncertain. This tiny-sized fortune teller can help predict what comes next and hopefully give that anxious person on your list someone else to talk to.

2. W&P Do Something Dice

Good for: That indecisive friend who never knows what to order or which movie she wants to see.

Can't make a decision? Leave it up to fate and leave the choice up to the Do Something Dice. Not sure if you feel like working out? Roll the dice. Can't decide if you should go out tonight? Dice time. What should I eat today? I think you know where this is going.  

3. Schitt's Creek Coloring Book

Good for: Anybody who binged the entire season during quarantine (so, like, everyone)

Whoever picks out the Schitt's Creek Coloring Book during white elephant will literally be saying the opposite of "Ew, David!" Visit Stevie and Johnny at the Rosebud Motel, swing by The Café Tropical to say hi to Twyla, and round out the visit around town with a stop at Rose Apothecary. 

4. iScream Neon Effect Frame

 iScream Neon Effect Frame


Good for: Anyone who takes their Zoom calls in dark corners

You know the person who always seems to be dialing in from a well-connected cave - this DIY neon light will help brighten things up. 

5. Gift Republic Comic Photo Frame

Good for: Grown-up MCU fans.

In every group of friends, there's always a Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor. The leader of the pack, the smart one, the sneaky one, and the 1000-year-old God full of super strength. (What, you don't have an Asgardian God in your friend group?) Save the memories and show them off in this comic book photo frame that will recreate all your action-packed and alien-fighting good times together.

6. Stack: Group Drinking Game

Good for: Slightly tipsy Jenga enthusiasts

Play double duty and bring both a gift and entertainment to this year's white elephant gift swap with the Stack: Group Drinking Game. The board game made just for adults puts a twist on a childhood favorite. Warm up those finger muscles and see if you can manage to pull a block without sending the tower crumbling down. 

7. Toysmith Cinematic Lightbox

Toysmith Cinematic Lightbox


Good for: Enthusiastic commenters and ambitious emoji users

We all have that friend/co-worker/mom who’s the first to like and always extra enthusiastic with the emojis. This DIY cinematic lightbox lets them register their reactions on a bigger screen with icons.

8. Deer Pong

Good for: Bros of all ages 

A little bit punny, a little bit fun. This PG-rated take on your favorite frat party game won’t be in the box long, especially if your holiday party is still happening IRL.

9. FaceTory 7 Days of Masking Sheet Mask Set

Good for: Trendy teens and anyone you see from the neck up

These days we spend a lot of facetime with our friends, families, and co-workers — so this sheet mask set, which hydrates and soothes skin, feels like a good bet for just about everyone on your list.

10. Time for You Sand Timer


Chronicle Books

Good for: Busy moms and dads who NEVER have any spare time

This magical sand timer is a perfect reminder to take five. The hourglass is accompanied by hand-written prompt cards that give you a way to check in and breathe.

11. "Do Not Lick this Book" by Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Frost

Allen & Unwin

Allen & Unwin

Good for: That friend who wears a hazmat suit to get the mail 

Microbiologist Idan Ben-Barak and award-winning illustrator Julian Frost write an ode to germs — the perfect book to keep your germaphobe friends far away from you during these Covid times.

12. SummerCamp Homesick Candle

SummerCamp Homesick Candle

Homesick Candles

Good for: Anyone who’s been stuck inside for months (AKA everyone)

Waxing nostalgic for the days when you could just take a deep breath of fresh air without someone asking you to fix your mask? This outdoorsy candle helps bring you back to the good old days.

13. Etch-a-Sketch Classic

Good for: Internet addicts and creative nerds

There’s no Wi-Fi (or pencil) needed to enjoy this classic toy, which makes it the perfect gift for the person you know who’s always complaining about the weak Wi-Fi.

14. iScream Glitter Earbud Compact

iScream Glitter Earbud Compact


Good for: Teens or people who are always losing their ear pods

These sparkly, Bluetooth-enabled earbuds come with a charging case and are a lot cheaper than the pair that keeps getting lost.

15. Barbuzzo & Funwares From Vines to Wine

Good for: People who always bring a good bottle to the party.

Forget making it to the end of the Candycane Forest — from Vines to Wine is all about making it to the end of the wine tasting! In this part board game, part wine tasting, answer trivia questions as you learn about the ins and outs of wines and where they come from. The best part of this game? You don't even need a designated driver to go from vineyard to vineyard. 

16. "The Book with No Pictures" by B.J Novak

Good for: People with kids

This funny read-aloud book trades the illustrations for a hilarious story that gets better as you read — perfect for anyone who needs to lighten up bedtime.

17. The Blockbuster Game

The Blockbuster Game

Spin Master

Good for: Film and TV buffs

Bring back the golden era of video rentals with a movie game that’s perfectly suited for the person who never shuts up about Netflix.

18. Inside Dunder Mifflin

Good for: Anyone who secretly wants a creepy jazz babies poster.

During your white elephant party, you always want to be a Jim and not a Michael. Relive that infamous white elephant moment and even more from the classic sitcom with the Inside Dunder Mifflin Book from Amy Lewis. Flip through the pages to find out your management style, get advice from Dwight and Andy, and learn all the ins and outs of the business from Michael Scott. 

19. Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese Making Kit

Good for: People who like a good schmear.

"White elephant bagel store" has a nice ring to it. Highlights on the menu include everything bagels with cream cheese...and that's about it, because that's all that comes with the DIY bagel-making kit. The homemade kit comes with everything — seriously, it's just everything bagels — that you'll need to make your breakfast a success. 

20. Yoga Joes Rainbow Set

Yoga Joes

Yoga Joes

Good for: Colorful yogis or people who fidget with weird things on their desk

These fun, colorful servicemen provide inspiration to strike a pose or really just desk-fidget with something other than that one gross pen.

21. AvoSeedo

Good for: Anyone who feels personally attacked when people make fun of avocado toast.

Endless amounts of avocado toast are in your future with the AvoSeedo. The nifty plastic gadget lets you ditch the toothpick method to help you grow your own avocado tree that will root in about 6 to 8 weeks. Hang tight on to that craving for avocado toast, though, as it could take a few years for an avocado to actually show up. Once it's there, though, it's all avocado toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

22. NASA Metal Travel Bottle

Good for: People who tote a water bottle with them everywhere they go — including space.

While this water bottle will probably just sit on a desk and move from room to room, enjoy knowing that it can endure all the elements, including a trip to space. Okay, maybe not the space thing, but it will stay cold and won't leak on your miles-long bike ride. 

23. Areaware Gradient Puzzle

Areaware Gradient Puzzle


Good for: Put together people

At first blush there’s something super-soothing about this gradient puzzle. But, surprise! This is maybe the hardest puzzle you’ll ever attempt.

24. Floret Farm's: A Year In Flowers

Good for: The friend with spring allergies.

White elephant season might be in the dead of winter, but that doesn't mean you can't give the gift of sunshine. Do just that in the form of a book with Floret Farm's: A Year In Flowers. The bright coffee table book will make any dreary day feel like a warm summer afternoon. It will have everything you love about flowers, minus the whole constant sneezing going on from summertime allergies.

25. TACOsaurus Rex Taco Holder

Good for: All of humankind.

The granddaddy of them all, the ultimate white elephant gift, the gift that keeps on giving because it keeps on giving tacos...We present the T. Rex taco holder. Nobody needs it, but everybody needs it, and that's what makes it the perfect present for swapping and stealing. Happy holidays!

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