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Locker Swag That Will Win Your Hallway

Some useful, some cool, and all stuff you’ll need for school.

Sarah Burns · 2 months ago

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You’ve leveled up a grade, so it’s time to level up your locker. Ideally, a locker should be part form, part function. It should reflect your taste and serve as a quick respite during the course of a chaotic school day, but you should still be able to find everything you need, when you need it. Remember your combination? Good, because here’s the coolest stuff you’re going to be reaching for all semester.

Hipsterkid Holo Kids Umbrella

It’s no fun getting caught in the rain, but that can be avoided with a little planning! Storing a spare umbrella in your locker for those days you forget to check the weather before heading out the door can save you a soggy trip home. This flashy holographic one by Hipsterkid folds up skinny, and is so cool looking that you’ll find yourself looking forward to rainy days. 

Fred Planet Pinned Up Corkboard

Keep your permission slips and class schedules where you can find them, prioritize important notes, and pin reminders to help you through the day with a board you’ll be over the moon for. Includes six silver astronauts ready to lift off and stick your stuff into space.

Thumbs Up UK Speech Bubble Memo Light Box

Keeping notes is a bright idea in general, but this dry erase memo board really illuminates the concept. Pop this magnetic speech bubble in your locker to jot down important dates and assignments, or ask your crush to prom by lighting it up at just the right moment. Just make sure they don’t already have a date first.

Fashion Angels Convertibles Hair Tie Bracelets

Hair ties are literally nowhere when you really need one. Make a set of these stylish hair ties to stash in your locker in case you need one for gym class or want to avoid getting paint in your hair during art. When you’re ready to let your locks loose, pop it on your wrist, and wear it as a cute bracelet!

CAMP Cotton Canvas Duffle

It’s gym day, and you’ve been ready since last gym day because you definitely forgot to bring your gym bag home — again. Good thing you’ve got a gym bag that’s made of washable, breathable cotton canvas, so you can keep things from getting too funky. But seriously, you have to take those home after today and wash them!

iScream Neon Effect Frame

Got something to say? Make sure the word gets out by saying it with neon! Imagine the cool blue hue glowing brightly in the dim hallways between classes. Over 9 feet of flexible blue rope to bend and twist into the shape or saying of your choosing, and change up week to week. 

Blinger Diamond Collection

This is the Blinger — the hair and fashion gemstone applicator that can “bling up” just about anything you need to glamorize, with sparklies that peel off just as easily when you’re ready to de-gem. Make a dazzling impression every time you open your locker with the pink and white Diamond Pink collection.

Meri Meri Rainbow Pouch Zip Canvas Case

Use this rainbow case for “just in case.” It's the perfect size to store lip balm, tissues, hand sani, period products, medications, or anything else you’d like to keep close by for when you might need them.

eeBoo Rainbow & Friends Scratch Paper Stickers

What’s on the other side of the rainbow? If you cover your locker in them, the answer might be your math homework! Pack includes 108 stickers to scratch, stick, and show off before the second bell.