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13 Genius Ideas to Make Your Pool Party a Success

It's finally summertime and you know what that means? It's pool party season!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

This year, don't be caught having a boring pool party. Make your pool party one to remember with some of the ideas we've put together from the list below. 

Balloons All Over


Make balloons your go-to decorations for your pool party this summer. Not only are they quick and easy to set up, but they also won't get destroyed if they enter the splash zone. Use balloons to welcome your guests with a balloon arch, set up balloon palm trees, and even place some balloons to float right in the pool

Everything Glow-in-the-Dark


Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean the party has to stop. Keep the fun going into the evening by making your party glow in the dark! Throw some glow sticks in the pool, add a few floating lights right into the water, and set up a game of water volleyball with a glow-in-the-dark ball

Tropical Oasis


Looking to add a theme to your pool party? You can't go wrong with a tropical setting. As your guests arrive, greet them with Hawaiian leis and tell them to grab a coconut drink out of the tiki bar. Complete the theme with blow-up palm trees, tropical tableware, and tiki torches — which can double to keep the bugs away. After a dip in the pool, it’ll feel like you are on a tropical island. 

Sunscreen Station


Nothing ruins a fun day at the pool like a sunburn. Avoid the strange tan lines and future redness and lather yourself up at the sunscreen bar. Set the station up right near the entrance where your guests will come in. That way, they'll be reminded to up their SPF or have the chance to reapply before hitting the pool. 

Loaded Ice Cream Bar

Loaded Ice Cream Bar

Every good pool party ends with a tasty dessert. Let your guests get in on the action and go wild with an ice cream bar. Scoop a few flavors into a bowl and let them go down the line to add toppings. Since it's a party, no toppings are off limits. Load on the chocolate, add in spoonfuls of candy — both sweet and sour — and top it all off with a heaping scoop of whipped cream. 

Food On A Stick


Source: The Recipe Critic

It’s a pool party, so everything is bound to get a little bit wet, including the food. Solve this problem by keeping the majority of the food on sticks, so everything stays nice and dry. Try it out with watermelon skewers, pizza twists, or corn dogs. With this method, you can say goodbye to that soggy bowl of chips from someone's wet hand. 

Backwards Party Favors


This might sound a bit strange, but hear me out and hand out your party favors when your guests arrive. I know what you're thinking — this is kind of backwards. But when you're planning on sending your guests home with a towel, goggles, buckets, or any other pool accessories, it will be very helpful for them to have the goodies when they arrive. This way, everyone will have all the supplies they need right at the start in order to make the pool party a success.

Waterlogged Game Station


For when you've gotten too waterlogged and need a break from the pool, hit up the game station to keep the entertainment going. Set up an area away from the pool where you can play your favorite games like Guesstures, Jenga, or Trouble. Just make sure you're far enough away from the splash zone — the last thing you want is a soggy board game. 

Inflatables Galore


Over the past few summers, inflatable pool toys have gotten a massive upgrade. No longer are basic innertubes the only option. For a guaranteed pool party full of fun, fill up your pool with inflatable toys. Go big with a giant flamingo or unicorn, or bring the entertainment right into the pool with a game of ring toss or basketball. Pro tip: Don't even try to blow these up on your own. Use an air pump so you can spend all of your time actually enjoying the floats in the pool. 

Song of the Summer


Any guesses on the song of the summer? I'm putting my money on Olivia Rodrigo's "deja vu." Whatever it ends up being, you're going to want to blast it along with all the summer hits. Make your own summer playlist, or head over to Spotify where you'll find their curated pool party playlist ready to go. 

Hydrating Drink Bar


Isn't it kind of ironic that when you spend all day swimming in a pool, you get SO thirsty? You would think the water would help that problem, but sadly it doesn't work like that. Keep your guests hydrated with a drink bar right alongside the pool. Fill it up with staple items like water, juice, and soda, but don't stop there. Create a big batch signature mocktail or smoothie for your guests to sip on all day long. Don't forget the little umbrellas!

Garland Pool Decorations


Source: Sugar and Cloth

Since this party is all about the pool, give it the attention it deserves and glam it up with some garland decorations. If you have a theme, pick a garland that complements it. If not, just pick something fun to spruce up the area. Some fun ideas include a light show garland, pool noodle garland, or a beach ball garland

Underwater Camera


Keep the memories of the pool party — both on land and underwater — all year long with an underwater camera. Put out a few Sunnylife Underwater Cameras on the tables and let your guests take control. After the party, have the photos developed and see what adventures your guests got up to.