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Say Goodbye To 2020 With These Five Extremely 2020 Activities

For New Year's this year, double down on the family activities that defined 2020.

Megan Baldwin and Sarah Burns

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The great news is that 2020 is almost over. But not so fast, big and little people. Before we throw the past 365 days far, far away from our collective consciousness, there’s still time to eke out a few final minutes with the most 2020 trends ever. Think: puzzles, bread-baking, tie-dyeing, and more. And yes, we’ll get takeout after this.

1. Do the Hardest Puzzle Ever

Empire State Building Puzzle


Odds are your puzzle skills improved drastically this year. So why not end the year with a little masterpiece theatre in the form of this super-hard 3D puzzle. With 216 pieces, this bad boy is going to require your family to bring their “A” game.

2. Learn to Make Croissants

Making Croissants


Had enough sourdough bread to last you an entire decade? Put your amateur bread baking skills to one final buttery carb test: croissants! In her first book, Mardi Michels shows that French food doesn't have to be complicated, and she includes classic recipes like croissants, omelettes, and more. Gather the family and get 2021 rolling.

3. Tie-Dye Even More Things

Tie Dye


If you aren’t wearing tie dye right now, did 2020 even happen? Suss out any last remaining white garments (socks, scrunchies, sweats) and give them a homemade dye job with this simple kit. With five colors and easy-peezy instructions, this kit is already making 2021 look brighter.

4. Play a Retro Board Game

Trouble Game


This year had us waxing nostalgic and playing boatloads of board games. This classic version of Trouble ticks both trend boxes. Pop the dice in the Pop-O-Matic dice popper and make the type of trouble-making moves that were definitely cancelled in 2020.

5. Order Delivery and Stay in for the Night

Melissa & Doug Pizza Counter

Melissa & Doug

#Because2020, your kid is on a first name basis with the delivery guy, and that’s fine. Give this year a proper send off with a pretend pizza party, featuring your top choice for takeout. While your kid fixes up your favorite felt slices, slip out to go pick up the real deal.