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Impress Earthlings With Cosmically Cool Halloween Costumes

Looking for an out-of-this-world Halloween costume? We're here to help you PLANET!

Sarah Burns · 2 months ago


Tired of the same old Halloween costume suggestions? Shoot those dusty ideas into the vacuum of space! Astronauts, aliens, and spacecraft from all over the universe are officially invited to join in the Halloween fun. Here's how to get your outer-space-themed costume ideas off the ground!

Baby Astronaut Costume


Lovely Indeed

Baby astronauts take one small step for man...and no giant leaps, because they’re literally just learning how to walk. They probably don’t fully understand what Halloween is either, so it's best to skip the itchy costumes and funny hats. That’s what makes this Baby Astronaut costume by Lovely Indeed so perfect; all you need is a comfy blue jumpsuit, and some cool NASA details, and your adorable space explorer will be camera ready for NASA’s next press conference. NASA logo sticker for the win! Just peel and stick when you’re ready for space, and remove it when it's time to come back down to earth.

Planet Costume


Adventures & Smiles

Anyone can have an otherworldly trick-or-treating experience — you just need to planet! This cosmically awesome costume by Adventures & Smiles is one you’re definitely going to want in your orbit.

The Buddy Bumper Ball Set will help you achieve that “planety” look you’re after, and glitterfied rings will really pack a planetary punch!

Space Girl Costume

This DIY is a great reminder that space beings come in all shapes, sizes, and colors — there’s literally no “wrong way” to design a space person! This tutorial by Awesomesauce Hattery is as much a lesson in creating this amazing costume as it is creative inspiration for upcycling crafters who appreciate designing with found objects, and just can’t let good fabric go to waste. 

Ready to create your own citizen of space? Here’s a box full of embellishments, including metallic pipe cleaners, stick on sparkles, and a treasure trove of gemstones for a look that’s truly out of this world.

Rocket Ship Costume


Spaceships and Laser Beams

And in have liftoff! Collect that cardboard and gather up some streamers, because crafty blog Spaceships and Laser Beams really lives up to their name with a DIY costume you’ll be over the moon for.

Add a few simple finishing touches before take-off with a reusable sticker set! Trick out your ride with dashboard controls, lights, dials and switches, then peel them off, and save them for your next spacewalk.

DIY Astronaut Costume


Navy Berlin

Once the NASA babies graduate as NASA kids, they get their wings, and a suit that’s way cooler than any 3-piece! Navy Berlin’s DIY Astronaut costume uses easy to source materials, and their helmet-making technique is something a NASA scientist would be proud of.

The Sun and Moon Costumes

Need a simple DIY costume for you and your bestie? Or maybe a sweet sibling look to remind the rest of the fam that you really can get along sometimes?  Look no further than the sky above with these lovely sun and moon headbands by Lia Griffith. They’re easy-to-make show-stopper accessories that leave you to dress up the rest of your look as much or as little as you wish.

Bedazzle this stellar outfit with a Blinger to add gemstones to your hair, headband, or anywhere you need a little extra shimmer, and be sure to check out the Glitter Guide for the best products for maximum glitterage (and how to de-sparkle at the end of the day).

Flying Saucer Costume


Zygote Brown Designs

If you’re seeing flying saucers, that might mean there's a clumsy waiter nearby...Or it could be this cool alien vehicle ingeniously constructed with readily-available Earth materials! Alicia Brown from Zygote Brown Designs shares this cunning design, complete with a blueprint diagram to help your own flying saucer really take off.

This design calls for a bubble umbrella – but if you're interested in a holographic look over a clear view into your spacecraft, grab a pair of pliers and bend the spokes of this umbrella as a creative, crafty alternative.

Alien Eye Headband


Welcome to Ladyland

The benefit of having so many eyeballs is that it helps this alien creature find all the best Halloween candy — no boxes of raisins for this interplanetary being, thankyouverymuch. Quick, kooky, and cute, this headpiece by Emma Scott-Child can be made in about the span of one Earth hour. Head over to her blog Welcome To Ladyland for the full step-by-step, and several more costumes for the totally spaced out. 

Remember to use water-based markers on styrofoam balls, because alcohol-based ones can result in a melted look. We like kid-friendly Ooly Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers for your wearable DIYs, so you’ll look great, and always smell sweet!

Lighted Galaxy Skirt


Dream a Little Bigger

Is this intended as a Halloween costume? Yes. Will you be tempted to bust out this stunning, sparkling, light-up galaxy skirt year-round? Absolutely. Follow this detailed DIY by Dream A Little Bigger for an impressive costume that’s easy and comfortable to wear throughout the night.

For the youngest of galaxies, simplify the process with a premade party skirt like this confetti tutu by The Great Pretenders; cover with a layer of black tulle, add the lighted elements as described in the tutorial, and you’re ready to sparkle like the night sky!

Can't get enough cool cosmic stuff? Come play in space at Cosmic CAMP!