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Stuff for People Who Just Really, Really, Really Love Dogs

What to get when you’re lookin’ for a howlin’ good time.

Sarah Burns · 5 months ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

Get your tickets today and experience all of the adventure at The PAW Patrol™ Experience: Only at CAMP!

We Rate Dogs the Card Game

All dogs are good dogs, but this game will determine who is the best! Play your cards to compete in the dog show and rack up the points, or cause an upset for your fellow competitors. This is a boisterous, fast moving game for pups 8 and up! 

Cuddle & Kind Noah the Dog

This sweet little pupper is so eager to make your acquaintance, he even dressed smartly for the occasion! Meet Noah the dog, an heirloom-quality knitted companion with a charming bow tie and suspenders. He's huggable and washable, so you two can be a daring doggy duo on your next big adventure.

Dog Man #7: For Whom the Ball Rolls

Dog Man is man’s best friend, and a superhero! The seventh in the series, this standalone story centers around the theme of being good versus doing good. It demonstrates how we’re capable of changing, even when it feels difficult, or scary. This is a delightful story intended for ages 7-10, but anyone who enjoys an entertaining read will appreciate the humor, wit, and playful illustrations.

PAW Patrol Rescue - Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle

Dinos and dogs are already awesome on their own, but this team comes equipped with a PAW Patrol first: a motorized vehicle that conquers almost any terrain with just the touch of a button. The Dino Patroller, which is large enough for the entire PAW Patrol squad, has a little “pew pew” action in the form of launching projectiles, and a net to contain dinos who might be in trouble. It also comes with an exclusive Chase figure, so you and those paws can uphold the laws!

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

When you look at your furry best friend, is it sort of like looking at a pup version of yourself? You’re not alone; it’s such a well-observed phenomenon that it’s been turned into a canine card game! Train your brain and match the pet to the right owner to put your memory to the test.

GooseEgged Dog Hands Free Ice Pack

Pop this puppy in the freezer for some cooling comfort, and use it to soothe boo-boos, bumps on the noggin, or for some cold relief during the dog days of summer. Guaranteed to be the coolest canine you’ll ever meet, this one’s made of durable, PVC-free material and lined with soft flocking for comfort.

Carrera First PAW Patrol Slot Car Racetrack

Dog racing usually involves sleek, graceful greyhounds, but this set takes a different track. This beginner set by Carrera — the leading name in the industry for making tiny cars go fast — is perfect for introducing track racing to small pups. Choose from everyone’s favorite first responders, Chase and Marshall, and zip along in a police car or firetruck for a loopy adventure zipping around the figure-8. 

MudPuppy Hot Dogs A-Z 1,000 Piece Puzzle

A whole alphabet of pooches for your puzzling pleasure! This charmingly illustrated puzzle features popular dog breeds from A to Z. If 1,000 pieces seems overwhelming, get the whole litter together and have the ulti-mutt family puppy puzzle night!

PAW Patrol Pom Pom Pups

When the creativity bug bites, sometimes you just need to craft some canines. Get your paws on this puppy-themed pom pom set with everything you need to create your six favorite pups from the series. If you’re un-fur-miliar with pom pom crafts, don’t worry — with the detailed instructions included, no craft is too big, no pup is too small! 

Gund Romeo Puppy

What dog lover could resist that sweet, fuzzy face, those eager cocked ears, and the innocent button eyes! This little guy is Romeo, and he’s got a present for you — don’t worry, this isn’t like the “presents” real dogs leave around — it’s a fuzzy heart, a representation of Romeo’s puppy love for you, his new bestie and cuddle buddy.

Living Royal All Over Puppy Socks

We know how im-paw-sible it can be to choose your favorite furry friend, and that’s why these socks have ’em all. Put your paw in these puppies, and you’ll be stepping out in style. This ankle-length pair will fit kid-sized feet size 9 and up, women’s 4-11, and men’s 6-9.

Operation Pet Scan

A spin on the classic game of Operation; meet Rex-Ray. Unfortunately, he’s not feeling too great. It seems that our pal Rex here has eaten some things dogs aren’t supposed to eat, and now he has a bit of a tummy ache. Help him out by removing these not-food items from his digestive tract!

VTech Paw Patrol Learning Watch

Do you know what time it is? If you don’t, then it’s probably time to learn how to tell time. You can do just that and so much more with this VTech Learning Watch featuring your favorite PAW Patrol heros! Includes four games so you can level up on math skills and problem solving, and even learn some animal tracks. Choose from Marshall or Chase, or get both and buy one, get one flea.  

GUND Spunky Huggybuddy

The perfect pooch friend for the newest pups in our lives. Spunky is made of super soft fleece, and it has a smooth satin tummy, so he’s not only optimal for cuddling, he’s also a super comforting sensory experience. One hug, and you’ll agree he’s im-paw-sible to put down.