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Here's What CAMP Moms Actually Want for Mother’s Day

Sometimes littles need help picking out a Mother’s Day gift — the magic moms of CAMP are here to help!

Matt Harvey

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While moms are super-appreciative of any gift from their kiddos (because moms are the actual best!), we know that kids really want to nail it with their gifts for Mom. At CAMP, we see first-hand how hard our small friends try to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day — and sometimes they need a little help!

Since no one knows what a mom actually wants for Mother’s Day better than a mom, we’ve asked some of our magical CAMP moms for their insight. Here's what the mommest moms say they want for Mother’s Day!

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What This Mom Wants: “Good behavior! All three to sleep until 6 am! A painted ceramic by my littles!”

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What This Mom Wants: “A giant stress ball! Or the CAMP x The Young Jerks 'The Mommest' beanie.”

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What This Mom Wants: “A Polaroid Camera or 'Mommest' gear, I love the candles and the sweatshirt!”

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What This Mom Wants: “Anything LEGO or anything I can do with my kids — co-cooking, co-playing, or co-crafting!”

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What This Mom Wants: “An uninterrupted spa day ... or an awesome hoodie!”

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What This Mom Wants: “I want this amazing CAMP blanket with the words “Don’t fall far from my tree” designed into it. A perfect blanket for snuggling up under and reading books together or tucking in for a movie night as a family. You’ll one day go off on your own adventures, but in the meantime this is a sweet reminder to keep my little one close!”

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What This Mom Wants: “I would love a framed drawing or letter, or a lunchbox filled with good food to enjoy with Lucien!”

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