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How the Present Shop Works

Step 1.

Parent Purchases Gift Box

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A parent picks an amount for their kid to spend on

Step 2.

Kid Selects Gifts For Box

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Parents receive a special code via email and link. The parent then turns over control to their kid to safely shop online!

Step 3.

Present Shop Delivers

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After the kid selects gifts, they design a custom card for the recipient, and Present Shop does the rest! Your gift will be delivered straight to the shipping address on file.

Get Started

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Your kid will shop from these products and many hundreds more!

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Kids can pick from hundreds of curated products for every occasion curated by the Camp team.

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Kids Review the
CAMP Present Shop

"I like this bear. I liked that he helped me ‘cuz I can’t read well until I get to kindergarten. Also I liked that I can buy myself things that I get to pick. I’ll shop for you too, mama!"

Charlotte, age 5

"Scout the bear only wears a t-shirt and no underwear. He’s great. I want to buy a lot more presents. Maybe for grandma's birthday coming up"

Rocco, age 4

Rocco's feelings about pants are clear.

"Is this for real? Like I can just shop all by myself? And you don’t get to tell me to put that back?"

Madeline, age 7.5

Because half years are important

Every Experience Includes

A safe, fun, and secure
shopping experience.

A gift box so you don't have to wrap it once it arrives.

A custom card,
designed by kid.

Free shipping
($75 budgets and above)


We’ve designed our visually-led experience so that all kids (as young as 3) can have fun while picking out the perfect present with help from our CAMP mascot, Scout. Scout shows kids around Present Shop, gives a lively presentation on each product, and helps them pick out the perfect present with a series of super-fun questions.

Your secret code is automatically sent to the email that was used to purchase the gift package. We can always resend it, just let us know if we can help! And of course, you want to know if your kid has done their shopping. As soon as they complete their spree, you will be notified by email that the order is complete and, separately, when it ships.

Camp's Present Shop is the first place kids can actually shop online that is fun, safe and secure. Present Shop offers a highly curated collection of products that are kid-appropriate and parents set the budget so that there's no risk of overspending.

All presents take 2 - 3 business days to be wrapped, cards printed and shipped. From there, the delivery time is dependent on the shipping method that was selected. Remember, the present doesn't ship until the kid does their part in selecting it and making the perfect card! You can read more about our shipping here.