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STMT DIY Cosmetics Set

DIY cosmetics are for smart, enterprising young people who want to cultivate their own look without any corporate suits (i.e. old men) telling them what they should and should not put on their faces. And for getting their contouring tutorial on YouTube to a million views so they can get that money! Good thing there’s this all-in-one set by STMT, which comes with everything they need to create premium beauty essentials – blush, lip gloss, beauty mist, signature scents and more – that represent exactly who they are: trendsetting, creative, confident, perfect.

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12”L x 10”W x 2”D
14 and up
Includes: 2 fragrance droppers (0.2 fl. oz. each), 2 mica powders (0.02 oz. each), mineral powder (10 oz.), witch hazel (0.27 fl. oz.), lip gloss base (1.01 fl. oz.), 3 shimmer powder pots (0.02 oz. each), blush base (0.39 oz.), 2 essential oils (0.09 fl. oz. each), sifting tub, 2 lip gloss tubes, cosmetic brush, cosmetic tube, measuring cup, spray bottle, 2 pipettes, 2 wooden stirrer sticks, project booklet.