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27 Beautifully Designed Toys That You Will Be Proud To Display

Looking for toys that feel equal parts perfect for play and ready for an exhibit at MoMA?

Graham Steinberg

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Do you want your little one to have toys that feel equal parts perfect for play and ready for an exhibit at MoMA? These gorgeous toys are all made to be aesthetically pleasing to mom and dad and just as fun for the whole family. Transform your playroom with these high-quality products!




The definitive designer toy brand, Areaware is a collective of independent artists with studios in Brooklyn and Columbus, Ohio. Their signature Cubebot is a classic of museum shops and a fun toy to fiddle with all-day. Areaware has also designed some gorgeously refined block and puzzle sets. Here are a few of their unique and attractive toys:

Kid O Magnatab


Kid O

Kid O began as a toy store in New York’s West Village two decades ago. After opening, owner Lisa realized how difficult it was to find affordable and well-designed products for her store so she began to create her own. The Magnatab was her first creation, and it’s a great way to help your young ones learn their letters through multi-sensory cues. 

Tegu 14-Piece Set



It was Tegu’s mission to help uplift the farming communities of Honduras by establishing its manufacturing business there. In addition to employing locals, the company reforests the area around its factory. These magnetic wooden blocks come together to create the ultimate building set for kids and adults alike.




These British-designed cars will look just as good on a bookshelf as they will rolling across your floor. They are modeled after classic designs from the 1920s through the 1960s and built with high-quality ABS plastics that shine through a high-gloss UV coating. A simple toy for long-lasting love.

kiko+ & gg*


kiko+ & gg*

When plastic toys ruled the world, two female toy designers from Osaka, Japan, decided to do things differently. Their brand exclusively creates minimalist wooden toys that spark imagination. Everything from handheld games to drawing boards to imaginary play, kiko+ & gg* will have hand-crafted options available in a variety of washed colors.

Quarto Publishing Little People Big Dreams: Frida Kahlo Book


Quarto Publishing

Little People, Big Dreams is a best-selling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. This beautifully illustrated story will inspire the young artist in your life to take up their passion and follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest painters of all time.




These whimsical Danish-designed mice will bring the nostalgia of childhood fairytales to everyday life. Each mouse comes with their own outfit made from quality fabrics as well as a reusable matchbox in which they sleep. They are made to be thoroughly played with but last long enough to become heirlooms as well.

Loog Mini Guitar



All Loog guitars are made from wood harvested in responsibly managed forests. Their signature 3-string guitar will allow children to learn songs much quicker. The design focuses on quickly developing finger-placement skills that can then be applied to traditional instruments seamlessly.

Janod Multi-Activity Looping Toy



This wooden multi-activity toy from French manufacturer Janod will allow children of 18 months to 3 years old to develop many crucial motor skills through manipulation and handling of a variety of different elements. Featuring simple illustrations and pastel colors, this will be a piece parents will be proud to have left in the living room.

GUND Philbin Teddy Bear



For over 120 years, GUND has been the epitome of stuffed animals. Their designs, some of which have been around for that entire time, are signature pieces of childhood bedrooms across the country. One of their most popular plushies, the Philbin, has massive paws and is made using GUND’s high-quality fabric standards. The perfect cuddle for your little one!

Calisson Sophie The Giraffe So'Pure Teether



Sophie has taken the world by storm as the first teether made from 100% natural rubber. A beautiful and simple piece made in France, Sophie is a perfect early gift for a newborn you know.

Cuddle & Kind Skye The Mermaid


Cuddle & Kind

Cuddle & Kind’s heirloom-quality dolls are handcrafted using fair trade premium cotton, and each are given a unique story to tell. Skye loves to frolic with dolphins and spend all day staring at the clouds. Her goal in life is to provide 1 million meals a year to underprivileged families, something that is an important part of Cuddle & Kind’s mission. For every doll sold, they donate 10 meals to families across the world.

Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks

Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose aims to bring back the fundamental learning process that comes out of block play. Each of their sets are handcrafted, and they’re often displayed as decorations in the home. Featuring their classic color palette, Uncle Goose’s sign language set is a perfect gift to help children begin to learn ASL using tactile play.

Yoga Joes


Yoga Joes

Inspired by classic army figurines, Yoga Joes takes the mantra of “make love, not war” to a whole new level. Each Yoga Joe is immortalized in a meditative pose. Everything from headstand to warrior to downward dog are showcased in these high-quality ABS plastic pieces. The perfect desk toy for mom and dad.

Chronicle Art Play Book



Bestselling author Marion Deuchars brings her beautiful illustrations and creative instruction to guide children in creating the next great masterpiece. Children will learn the skills and methods of the greats, and they’ll be filling your home with beautiful art of their own in no time.

Haba Kullerbu Sim-Sala-Kling



One of my personal favorite toy brands, Haba’s famous wooden ball rollers have brought joy to children for decades. The newly updated Kullerbu line comes with interchangeable parts for countless hours of design and play. Roll down the wavy curve, make music with the jingle stair, and knock over all the dominoes! This set will have both you and your kid addicted.

Elegant Baby Bedtime Huggie Lamb


Elegant Baby

The perfect bedtime bestie! Elegant Baby products are made from the softest polyester and feature the two necessities for bedtime, a plushie and a blanket. They have been designing these luxury gifts for two generations.

Twee Chalk Cheesy Pizza Chalk Set


Twee Chalk

Former preschool teacher Kate created Twee Chalk, a women-owned studio specializing in small batch classic sidewalk chalk made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials. Her pizza chalk is part of a collection of food-based designs that are sure to bring a bit of humor to your kids' next big outdoor art project.