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Just a Bunch of Awesomely Fun Things to Bounce On

Jump up, jump up and get down!

Maria Bailey · 5 months ago

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Who doesn’t love bouncing around? There really is no better way to enjoy some energy-burning fun. It’s practically impossible not to smile as you bounce, boing, and hop from place to place — or in one place, for that matter! These ride-on bouncers and bounce-inducing equipment will definitely take you above and beyond!

Hearth Song Jump2It Inflatable Bouncer



Why bounce off the walls when you can bounce on an inflatable trampoline? Better yet, the  Hearth Song Jump2It Inflatable Bouncer is portable, so you can bounce wherever you go— be it grandma’s house or a friends’ birthday party. It’s also cushioned and rounded on all sides — with no hard edges in sight — meaning you can bounce freely and joyfully for hours on end! 

Gymnic Hop 55

Gymnic Hop 55


Why walk from A to B when you can bounce there? The Gymnic Hop 55 is not only a lot of fun, but it also promotes balance and coordination — and you’ll even get in a bit of a workout, too! Perfect for indoor and soft outdoor surfaces, this energy-burning toy is good for endless hours of bouncing.

My First Flybar

Jeff Nass Photo 10 28 2018 HighRes-32


This isn’t your standard pogo stick! My First Flybar is made of super durable foam, making it an ideal first pogo stick for kids and suitable for inside and outside use. Better yet, with every bounce and boing, My First Flybar makes a fun, funky squeak!

Gymnic Rody

Gymnic Rody


Giddy up! The Gymnic Rody is one bouncy ride. Hold onto the ears and use your legs to get this ride going! You’ll improve your grip strength, leg strength, balance, and motor skills — but who’s keeping track? You’ll be too busy bouncing away and having fun to notice any of that! 

Pogo Bal

Chances are you’ve bounced on a pogo stick, but unless you were a kid in the 1980s you might not have tested your skills on a Pogo Bal. There is no limit to the fun, as it combines the thrill of a balance board, pogo stick, and jump ball all in one for triple the fun!

Big Time Toys Moon Shoes


Wonder what it’s like to walk on the moon? Well, now you can experience anti-gravity effects with Big Time Moon Shoes! They’re essentially mini trampolines for your feet, making it possible to run, jump, and pretend to be an astronaut, all without having to eat those weird freeze-dried astronaut food pellets.

Lovely Snail 5-Foot Trampoline

Slam dunk like Michael Jordan, thanks to the extra spring in your step from this 5-foot indoor/outdoor trampoline! Featuring a basketball hoop and a 5-foot-high zipper enclosure, you can launch into the air — and not off the trampoline! 

HearthSong Hop ‘n Go Unicorn



Sure, unicorns belong in fairy tales, but you’re in for a real-life magical ride on the HearthSong Hop ‘n Go Unicorn!  Each set comes with two inflatable ride-on unicorns, so you and a friend can hop, bounce, and giggle all day long! 

Jungle JumpaRoo


What do you get when you combine a jungle gym with a trampoline-like inflatable donut and rope swing? Enter your new favorite outdoor toy: the Jungle JumpaRoo! Hold onto the bars, jump away, and hang out on the rope swing! Allow your imagination to run wild as you swing across a “volcano,” climb through the “tunnels,” and avoid stepping on the “lava” below! Add a sprinkler attachment for a new element of wet and wild fun! 

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick



Truth be told, you can never go wrong with a classic pogo stick, but this one is the “master”! The Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick is built to last, from the original pogo stick company that launched (pun intended) in 1918. Featuring a wider stance bounce tip and non-slip footpegs, riders will find it’s much easier to bounce (without losing stability) and do tricks with ease!