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14 Fabulous Finds For The Pop Culture Aficionado

No use for gloves, ’cause you’ve got a finger on the pulse of all things pop culture.

Sarah Burns

No use for gloves, ’cause you’ve got a finger on the pulse of all things pop culture. You know that pop culture is more than just being a fan it shapes our interests, our worldview, and weaves its way into our lives like an old friend. Share memories, and make some new ones with these pop culture picks.

1. Mini Zoltar

Mini Zoltar: 0

Your destiny awaits! I foresee this Mini Zoltar being a hit at your next get-together. The glowing crystal ball will light the way to your fortune, as you draw up the card that tells your fate. I predict merriment for all, and many Tom Hanks references. Your lucky numbers are 6, 17, 24, 13, 43, 2.

2. RBG Action Figure



Proudly voice your dissent with conviction! There are no objections when it comes to this RBG Action Figure. Adorned in one of her famous lace collars, with a steely expression of impartiality, Ruth is ready to lay down the law whenever — and wherever — you are.

3. Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game

Tiny Arcade Pac-Man

Arcade Classics

“Don’t need a pocket full of quarters / don’t need to head to the arcade / you don’t need a lot of money / with this machine you really got it made! / Try out this handheld classic / bringing the ’80s back to you / to get initials on the leaderboard / eat those ghosts when they turn blue!”

4. F Is For Frida Onesie

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Art history buffs will instantly recognize this famous unibrow. This Frida Kahlo Onesie features the artwork of a talented tot, in a portrait reminiscent of one of Frida’s own masterpieces.

5. Disney Villainous



Practice your best evil laugh, and choose your favorite villain in this Disney themed game of nefarious intentions. Easy gameplay means you’ll be able to dive right in and unfold your evil plans, but beware — the cards of Fate might have ideas of their own!

6. Golden Girls Clue



“Let me tell you a story. Picture it ... Sicily, 1922 …” Or today, and anywhere you’d like to solve the mystery of the missing cheesecake! Play as your favorite Golden Girl as you navigate the fully illustrated board featuring the famous four-bedroom Florida home.

7. Bob Ross Monopoly

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The joy of board games invites you to take advantage of whatever happens in a round of Bob Ross Monopoly. You’ll be canvassing the board with nature-inspired tokens, as you buy, sell, and trade works of art in the most peaceful version of Monopoly you’ve ever played.

8. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme

What Do You Meme

Win the internet in this battle of wits! Pick a photo card, pick a caption, and create a meme that cracks up the judge, or lose this round because your memes are bad, and you should feel bad.

9. "Julia, Child"


Penguin Random House

A sweet story, and a wonderful way to share a love of food, and all things cooking. In this tale, little Julia enlists the help of her friend, Simca, to create a delightful feast to stay young and playful. The main character is based on the real life Julia Child, and beautifully encapsulates the celebrated cooking show host, without going overboard on the sherry.

10. Lightsaber Ice Tray

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You don’t need to traverse Hoth on a Tauntaun to keep cool — this silicone ice tray features six sabres the perfect size to cool down most water bottles, and the sealing silicone lid creates a force to keep out funky freezer flavors.

11. Yoga Joes


Yoga Joes

These G.I.s know that fighting takes focus! They’re yoga experts, and they’re here to accompany your next sun salutation, so enlist them for your favorite meditative coordinates! Available in classic army green, and rainbow.

12. The Little Homie "ABCD Of Rock & Roll Alphabet" Book

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The Little Homie

Learning the alphabet is important, but learning about great music is just as important! From AC/DC to ZZ Top, this musical compendium will have you singing along, and rockin’ through the alphabet with all your favorite music icons.

13. The Blockbuster Game

Spin Master

Spin Master

Who could forget that stale popcorn and plastic aroma? The thrill of browsing the multitude of tiny movie posters on the backs of laminated cardboard boxes, aisle after aisle of movie titles — and the crushing disappointment of realizing someone beat you to that last copy of “The Monster Squad,” so your mom made you get “Jumanji” instead, because that’s what your little sister picked out, and you were reluctant to admit at the time that it was a pretty great movie. The Blockbuster Game brings back all these memories and more in its own spin on charades that’ll have you and your friends acting out all your favorite Blockbuster classics.

14. "Everything is Mama" and "Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada"

When a child enters this world, the great battle begins — will they say Mama, or Dada first? Ensure your victory with these books by “The Tonight Show” host and SNL grad Jimmy Fallon. There won’t be any late nights when you add these to your bedtime story repertoire!