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Achieve the Highest Gift-Giving Score with These Gifts for Kids Who Love Video Games

Power up your gift giving with giveables inspired by video games!

Matt Harvey


You don’t have to be Captain N the Gamemaster to know that video games are as popular today as they were for the first 8-bit Christmas! The tradition of hard-to-get video game consoles continues but the struggle for video game inspired gifts — stops here! From Pac Man to Pocket Monsters we’ve got something for the gamer on your list!

Pac-Man Monopoly

In the coin-op arcade era, Pac-Man reigned supreme — you might even say he had a... coin-op-oly! This special arcade edition of Monopoly is the cherry, the pretzel, and the peach. The best part: players get to play a teeny-tiny, miniature, fun size game of Pac-Man every time they pass Go!


Tetris is pretty much the best selling video game of all time and now it’s available in super portable versions that can be played at a desk, in a car, in the bathroom — wherever the need is felt to stack blocks for points! 


Speaking of best selling video games of all time — Minecraft is right up there too! Minecraft has absolutely permeated pop culture with its lo-if blockitecture, spawning toys, card games, and even an animated show. Get your little gamer in on the blockhead action with these sweet toys and action figures from the world of Minecraft!

TMNT Pinball

TMNT Pinball isn’t just inspired by a video game — it is one! From the first TMNT video game for the original NES with the impossible Turtle Van level to the modern retro-arcade action of “Shredder’s Revenge” — TMNT is the stuff of gaming legend. TMNT Pinball might be slight of stature, but it holds all of the pinball turtle power required for a totally radical good time! 

Funwares Pinball Pint Glass

The Funware Pinball Pint Glass is the kind of gift that’s perfect for a gifting game — it’s fun, funny, and packs that “what the fun” factor that makes gifting games such a tradition. Pass this pint and the receiver won’t be disa-pinted!

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors is what happens when you mash-up the adrenaline laced fun of arcade fighting games with the classic toy appeal of Rock ‘em Sock’em Robots! Prove who's the best around: Place a warrior on the arcade joystick controller and mash the buttons until one fighter stands tall as the grand champion of the All-Valley — err...Arcade Tournament!

Super Mario

The original 8-bit hero has been inspiring holiday wish lists for over 35 years! Get a 1-Up on the holiday by giving a gift inspired by the world’s most famous adventuring plumber! 

Retro Arcade Controller

What has 3 handles and is packed with over 200 built-in retro style 8-bit games? This Retro Arcade Controller! Modeled after the famed N64 controller, this gift is destined to help your small friend feel the power this holiday!

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker

Talk about feeling the power — your gamer friend can make their own mobile game with the Pixicade Mobile Game Maker! All they have to do is doodle a game level and turn it into a playable mobile game auto-magically. Now that's playing with POWER!

Tiger Electronics Transformers

This retro handheld video game from Tiger Electronics is not more than meets the eye — it’s exactly what it looks like: A super cool video game featuring our favorite transforming robots from the planet Cybertron! Join Optimus Prime as he battles the evil Decepticons in the never ending handheld battle to save Earth! 

Oregon Trail

Life is not a game on the Oregon Trail...or is it? Is life a game? A game of Life? What is dysentery? How long can I sustain my family on the meat of one bear? So many questions. One question that has an easy answer — do people love Oregon Trail? Yes, they do!


Pocket Monsters, or Pokémon for short, have been a fan favorite franchise for decades. I can remember when the card game first launched and we hosted games of catch ‘em all at my job — ah, memories! I bet you have the theme songs stuck in your head right now. 

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