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The Best Presents for July Birthday Kids

Awesome birthday present ideas for awesome July kids!

Margo Gothelf · 4 months ago

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It doesn't get better than a July birthday. School's out for the summer, the weather is finally sunny and hot, and the days are longer, meaning there's extra time to play. Use that extra time to play with all of the cool presents you'll get for your birthday! Need some inspiration? We've got you covered with some excellent ideas for gifts for July birthdays! (And if you still need birthday present inspiration, remember our friend Scout the Bear over at the CAMP Present Shop is always ready to help!)

Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set

This gift guide is full of products that will get your July birthday kid outside for some fun in the sun, with plenty of water toys, sports gear, and more. But do you know what’s missing? Tunes! The Toniebox is a portable audio player that plays music and stories from some of your family’s favorite books and film franchises using collectible Tonie figures. It’s the perfect gift for livening up those pool parties and barbecues.

Little Tikes Plant-a-Garden


Little Tikes

Bring out your little one's green thumb with the Little Tikes Plant-a-Garden. Not only does this play set make for some fun outdoor pretend play, but it's actually pretty useful in case you need a gardening assistant. The kit comes with a working wheelbarrow and a mini garden sprinkler, and can be used as a planter to grow real flowers and veggies. 

CAMP Cotton Canvas Duffle

Spending the summer at day camp? Going on vacation? No matter what your summer plans are, this CAMP Cotton Canvas Duffle will be incredibly useful. Forget about bringing six different bags to keep track of all of your stuff, this colorful, right-sized canvas duffle keeps everything you need all in one super-stylin' place. 

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball


Don't let the setting sun ruin your fun! With the Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball, the games can continue all night long. The ball glows in the dark thanks to advanced LED technology. Don't worry about the lights weighing the ball down. The inflatable ball is made with super durable material, making it light enough to dribble across the field and score that goal! 


If you've ever wondered what it would look like if a swing and a hammock combined into one, look to this Swing-N-Slide. Just like a hammock, this swing is big enough to lounge on, but it's also meant to sway back and forth just like a classic swing. The swing can comfortably hold up to three kids, so grab your friends or siblings and see how high you can go. 

Sunnylife Tie Dye Inflatable Backyard Pool

This Sunnylife Tie Dye Inflatable Backyard Pool turns your backyard into a summer oasis. Grab your goggles and get ready to splash around (sorry, no diving in this pool!). Don't think about putting this away once the weather turns either. Keep it inflated all winter long and fill it with balls to keep the entertainment going with your own personal ball pit.




Gone are the days of spending hours filling up water balloons one at a time, thanks to Zuru Bunch-o-Balloons. Grab the hose, and in about 60 seconds, you'll have about 100 water balloons ready to go — fully tied and all! Use the balloons for a classic water balloon fight, or see who can last the longest in a water balloon toss. Best of all, these award-winning toys are now made from recycled plastic, and are even recyclable!

Sunnylife Underwater Camera

Jump, dive, and snap all of your favorite memories in the water this summer with the Sunnylife Underwater Camera. This camera is completely waterproof, allowing you to capture every splash of fun in the pool or the ocean. At the end of the summer, develop the photos and frame your favorites to keep the memories rolling all year round.  

3Doodler Create + 3D Printing Pen

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Take your creations to the next dimension — literally — with the 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen. The 3D pen doesn't just draw in black and white. There are over 70 different colors to choose from, plus three different types of materials to bring your creations to life. Use the pen to make mini buildings, wearable jewelry, or even to fix toys you already have. The pen can also connect to an interactive app with tutorials and directions making setup a breeze.

Xtreme Power Dozer

Get your hard hat ready — you're going to need it to operate this Xtreme Power Dozer. The dozer will make all of your tiny construction projects a breeze. Try it out in the sandbox and clear out the area in seconds!

Marvel Hasbro Black Widow Legends Series

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Move over Steve Rodgers, Black Widow is about to become the most popular Avenger in the Marvel-verse! Celebrate the long-awaited release of the new Marvel movie with a Black Widow action figure from the Legends Series. The 6-inch action figure can be put in multiple poses to show off Nat’s signature fighting style. 

Rhyme Antics Game

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Rhyme Antics

Think your mind is quick? Put your skills to the test and see if you can win a round of Rhyme Antics. Grab the mic and see what freestyle rap creations you can come up with at a rapid speed. Don't forget to add an epic mic drop when you win! 

Gift Republic Name a Star

There are a million stars in outer space, so why not claim one as your own? The Name a Star kit lets you do exactly that. After you decide on a name for your star, dive into the kit to learn all about it. The kit shows detailed infographics, including information about its astrology and where it fits in the zodiac world. 

Melissa & Doug Top & Bake Pizza Counter

Melissa & Doug Top And Bake Pizza Counter

Melissa & Doug

Order up — it's pizza time! Grab a slice, or even a whole pie, with this Top & Bake Pizza Counter from Melissa & Doug. Start off with the basics and keep the toppings simple. Once you master the bake, experiment with different toppings and combinations. You’ll have a line out the door for your pizza in no time.