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Here Are the Very Best Rainbow Scooter Games You Never Played at School

A tribute to the Rainbow Scooter, unsung gym class hero.

Sarah Burns · 7 months ago

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When these babies came rolling out onto the shiny, varnished hardwood, you knew you were in for a great gym class! An old-school classic like the Rainbow Scooter is too much fun to be relegated to a boring gym closet, only to be seen on the best of afternoons. So why save it for school, when you can have some wheel fun at home?

Have a seat (or take a knee), hold onto those side handles, and get to scootin’! You can always just coast along for a leisurely ride — but if you’re looking for a little more excitement, we’ve got the scooter games, activities, and play accessories you need to get the most out of your scooting experience!

Scooter Relay Race

Ready! Set! Scoot! Strategically placed cones and a stopwatch are all you need for a rolling relay race. Play against friends to see who’s the fastest, or challenge yourself, and beat your best time!

All Aboard, Sailors!


Photo: Crafts by Amanda

Your scooter has magically turned into a rowboat! Use a household item like a baseball bat, or a broom handle to “row” around. Better grab a paper towel roll because you’ll need a telescope, or binoculars, so you can really explore these new waters!

Superhero Scooters!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a silly fun game that will make the afternoon fly! To play, lie belly-down on the scooter and use your feet to kick off, and roll — or try to see how far you can go by pushing off a flat surface like a wall or a fence. The scooter-er who flies the farthest wins!

Roller Hockey

If you already have a sports set like this one, you’ll find a fresh challenge and a whole new way to play by scooting around instead of running. No kit? No problem! Get creative, and use what you have lying around: a clean plunger or a mop could make a rad a hockey stick, and a puck doesn’t need to be more complicated than a rolled up pair of socks or a crumpled up piece of paper. Set up two goals opposite from each other, and ICE IT!

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train

A dry spin on a classic pool toy game, you can use whatever toys or objects you want! Scooter-ers must close their eyes and count to 30; in the meantime, the referee sneaks off and hides 10 small items. When the count is up, players must scoot around and pick up as many items as they can find — the scooter-er with the most items wins!

Walk the Dog

A great game of teamwork for two! You need one person to be the dog walker, and one person to be the dog. Tie a rope to one of the handles of the scooter. One player sits on the scooter, and the other pulls the other player along with the rope. Try setting up a timed race; place objects around, and see how long it takes to pick them all up with the puller pulling the dog around to pick them up!


Similar to the game H-O-R-S-E, but instead of shooting baskets, players take turns doing cool moves on their scooters for the other players to copy. If a player fails to replicate the move in play, they get a letter — starting with “S” for scoot! The first player to spell “S-C-O-O-T” loses!

Having a Ball

Try doing your favorite sports games on your scooter! Try shooting hoops from your scooter, or play some soccer with a “hands free” rule that keeps all hands on handles. Franklin makes some fantastic sets that are perfect for pairing with indoor scooter play — especially the Pro Hoops Basketball set, and Sports Target Toss Football sets — and Nightballs make every game feel like a party!

Scooter Obstacle Course

This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be! Cordone off a path with some caution tape, use chairs as obstacles to swerve around, and don’t forget to grab a stopwatch so you can definitively answer the question of who is the fastest scooter-er! 

Animal Scooters

Grab some chalk (this Twee Chalk Pizza Slice set is fantastic for small hands, while also being adorable), and draw out a starting line, and finish line.  

Round ONE: The Crab Walk - With your butt on the scooter, use your arms and legs to scuttle over to the finish line!

Round TWO: The Penguin Glide - Bellies on your boards! See how far you can glide by pushing off with your feet at the starting line — the farthest to go on one push wins this round.

Round THREE: Orangutan Arms - Kneel on the scooter, and make your way to the finish line only using your arms to scoot over!

BONUS ROUNDS: Scatter bean bags, or small objects around, and see how many you can pick up on your way to the finish line. Subtract three seconds off your finishing time for each bean bag

DOUBLE BONUS ROUND: Pick some different animals, and figure out how each one would scoot across to victory!