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Stage Your Very Own Performances At Home With These Entertaining Toys

It’s showtime! Bring live entertainment to your living room with a selection of toys that tap into your inner performer.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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It’s been months since many of us have attended a live performance or show, but we’re here to change that! From music and dance to magic and so much more, our roundup of show-stopping toys will give you everything your family needs to put on your very own variety show from the comfort of home. The living room is your stage, and your audience (family) awaits. It’s time to walk into the spotlight (cast by a lamp) and put on a show!

Loog Mini Guitar

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Are you ready to rock? Becoming a bona fide rockstar may take years, but learning to rock and roll can be done in one day thanks to the Loog Mini Guitar! Featuring the first three strings of a full-sized guitar, an accompanying mobile app, and flashcards, you’ll learn to play songs — not just scales — on day one! So get ready to jam out to your favorite hits by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and more!

Rhyme Antics Game

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Rhyme Antics

Belting ballads might not be your thing, but perhaps busting rhymes in proper English is how you’ll steal the show? Featuring two teams and one mic, the Rhyme Antics Game will test your rhyming knowledge to the sound of a banging beat and your ability to not break out into fits of laughter! Challenge grandma to a rap battle and see what hilarious rhymes you and your team can come up with.

Open the Joy Deluxe Magic Activity Kit

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Open the Joy

Looking to make your performance truly magical? Wow your audience one trick at a time with the Deluxe Magic Activity Kit. Start with a simple rope cut, followed by a head-scratching coin slide, and then move onto more complex card tricks. With 20 tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be a master of magic and leave people in awestruck wonder.

Singing Machine Kids Mood Karaoke

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Singing Machine

It’s time to warm up those vocal cords and sing your heart out with the Singing Machine Kids Mood Karaoke. The only question now is: What number will you perform? “Shake It Off” by T-Swift? Or how about “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen”? Luckily, you can stream ALL of your favorite songs using any Bluetooth-compatible devices. Perform a show-stopping solo, or join forces for a duet. The speaker comes with two microphone jacks, so you can plug in a second mic (purchased separately) for twice the fun!

Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug

Become a virtuoso in no time with this pint-sized piano designed to help newcomers to the classic music scene learn the basics of ivory-tickling. This 25-key piano makes things easier for smaller hands and shorter wingspans, truncating the full piano keyboard down to a compact size. It also comes with a color-coded song book to make reading music a breeze.

MukikiM Rock And Roll It Color Code Drum

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The MukikiM Rock And Roll It Color Code Drum is an absolute must if you’re a rockstar in the making! The all-in-one rollable kit features 10 percussion sounds, multiple play-along instrumental tracks, a record playback function, and several sound styles! And it comes with a set of headphones, so you can practice until the cows come home. Get ready to channel your inner Dave Grohl and drumroll your way to a headbanging show!