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These Are the Absolute Must-Have Toys for Kids This Year

Be the parent who actually knows what’s up with this essential gift guide.

Jack Shepherd


Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids were super hype about, like, a burr-coffee grinder or some Le Creuset cookware or a New Yorker subscription? Then you could just get them awesome stuff you need and borrow it all the time. But kids are weird and inscrutable creatures. They don’t seem to care at all about coffee beans or ceramic bakeware or indecipherable but intelligent cartoons, while they care a lot about “fun” and “having a great time” and “learning while playing.” It’s hard to wrap your head around! 

But we can help. These are the most-beloved, most-requested, and most-certain-to-make-kids-happy gifts out there today. Pick one from this essential guide and make somebody’s day. 

Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library

CAMP Holiday2021 KidMadeModern

Kid Made Modern’s Arts and Crafts Library has got everything kids need to make their imaginations come alive through the magic of crafting. Prepare yourself for an invasion of googly-eyed pom-pom monsters with pipe-cleaner arms (this is less scary than it sounds). 

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker

CAMP Holiday2021 Pixicade

OK, scratch everything we said up top about kids liking different things than grown-ups do — the Pixicade Mobile Game Maker lets you turn your own drawings into playable video games, and it is officially the coolest thing that anyone has ever come up with. 

LEGO Eternals Rise of the Domo

CAMP Holiday2021 LegoEternals

Turns out The Eternals have been here all along and nobody ever noticed them, possibly because one of them is literally called “Kingo,” which is hard to take seriously. But now that they’ve stepped into the limelight, they’re an unbelievably big deal, and the hottest Eternals toy right now is this ridiculously cool LEGO set that everyone in the family will want a turn with. 

Paw Patrol Movie Ultimate Tower

CAMP Holiday2021 PawPatrol

This one’s honestly a no-brainer if your kid likes Paw Patrol. It’s got a transforming rescue ramp, pup and vehicle elevators, and it lights up. Frankly, it’ll make your experience of real-life towers seem pretty bland by comparison, but it’s worth it to make the kid happy.  

Bluey Caravan Adventure

CAMP Holiday2021 BlueyVanClosed

Admit it: Sometimes you put on Bluey for the kid so you can do some work and then realize you’re, like, 5 episodes deep and you haven’t looked away. Bluey is wholesome, fun, creative, and beautifully designed, and this delightful playset is the perfect way to bring that Bluey magic into your kids’ imaginative play. 

Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio

CAMP Holiday2021 HapeDJMix

Break out your old glow sticks, oversized pants, and visor and turn your house into a (kid-friendly) warehouse rave, complete with the world’s most adorable DJ. This awesome music-making playset has an interactive sound mixer, a keyboard, and a scratchable record! 

Harry Potter Magical Mini Hogwarts Castle Playset

CAMP Holiday2021 HarryPotter

Ever wish you could bring Moaning Myrtle into your own home? What do you mean, “No”? Don’t worry, this one only haunts the bathrooms of an incredibly cool castle playset that any young fans of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will absolutely love. Plus, it comes with Hermione, so she’ll make sure there isn’t any trouble. 

Pony Cycle

CAMP Holiday2021 PonyCycle

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Horses are great, but they’ll eat you out of house and home and they don’t even have any wheels”? No? That’s probably for the best actually, but check out this truly adorable ride-on toy that has taken the nation by storm this year. It’s all the benefits of ponies with none of the drawbacks.

Micro X Camp Kickboard

CAMPxMicroScooter 06 1000x1000

Kids are always on the move, which can be a problem sometimes, because their balance is often...less than perfect. This stylish kickboard has steering that’s as sharp as a luxury car, and it looks fabulous, thanks to an exclusive design created just for CAMP (awesome tigers included). This must-have toy from CAMP and Micro will help your little ones master their balance while they scoot around in style!

Rainbow High Color-Change Car

CAMP Holiday2021 Car

Don’t be the one parent whose kid is driving their Rainbow High dolls to school in a sensible-looking station wagon, or a boring old sedan that gets good miles to the gallon. No, when your kid’s dolls pull up to Rainbow High, they’re going to do it in this super cool light-up car that cycles through 8 colors of the rainbow!

Little Tikes Pelican Pedal Ride-On

CAMP Holiday2021 LittleTikesPedal

Learn the alphabet; look at cool animals; go into hyperspeed … all while getting some exercise on a stationary bike! This one’s perfect for rainy days, or just burning some of that extra energy with a kid-friendly workout. Plus it has a super-fun “tilt” feature, as well as Bluetooth speakers, so kids can rock out while they practice for the next Tour de France.

Throw Throw Burrito

CAMP Holiday2021 BurritoGame

The perfect game for families who enjoy cards but feel like they could use about 90% more burrito-throwing. From the zany geniuses who brought us Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito is fun, fast-paced, and guaranteed to make you laugh.

Magic Mixies

CAMP Holiday2021 MagicMixies

It’s hard for grownups to remember, but magic is real, and these brilliant cauldron toys will prove it to you. Kids can create their own unique magical friend by adding items to the cauldron and saying a magic spell. Once the Magic Mixie appears, it can respond to pets and even a magic wand. 

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