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Practically Indestructible Toys for Kids Who Play HARD

The perfect, durable, unbreakable, play-with-it-againable toy doesn't exis —

Deena Campbell and Jack Shepherd



Kids of all ages play tough. They wrestle, run, jump, fall down and swing on anything that will hold their weight. That’s why it seems like most kid toys aren’t built to last. Sure, there are toys you can pass down from one child to the next, but by and large, most toys fall short. Enter: Heavy-duty toys that are designed to take a beating. Try these seriously indestructible toys that can take all the exploring, adventuring, and all-day-playing your kids can throw at them.

Stomp Rocket Ultra LED

I mean, the thing is called a “Stomp Rocket.” Kids are going to love this just for the name. It’s also ridiculously fun, and it’s designed to be stomped on as hard as your kid can manage! Who knew all that practice your kid has been doing stomping around like an out-of-control T-Rex would finally pay off? 

Tangle NightBall Basketball

Tangle Creations-Shoot 1-09 1200x


Why should all the fun stop when the sun goes down? For nighttime adventures, pass around this basketball with LED technology for the perfect amount of light. Try it in your basement with the lights out for a cool sleepover activity — just put the breakable items far, far away.

LiteHawk Mini Crusher

This durable R/C toy will CRUSH anything in its path! As long as those things are fairly small and lightweight, because this bad boy is as small as it is speedy. With great gripping tires and a 12 mph top speed, the LiteHawk Mini Crusher can handle whatever terrains your enterprising kid can think of to test it on. 

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

We honestly cannot think of anything more fun than hurling rockets high into the air. 

Add cool tricks, and consider your entire summer made. Kids will enjoy watching miniature stunt rockets perform tricks, loops, and shoot into the air up to 100 feet. Just be sure to stomp as hard as possible for optimal results.


This lightweight play ball is designed to be hit full-force indoors. Really just a major improvement on the decidedly outdoor things your kid has been hurling at the walls up until now. 

Blockaroo 10-Piece Tugboat Set

Soft foam and rotating magnetic blocks fit together for this durable bathtime toy that kids can use to make a loveable tugboat character, or re-enact the entirety of Hunt for Red October in the bathtub. Kind of depending on where their playtime proclivities lie. 

Hearth Song 2-PC Buddy Bumper Ball Set

These ridiculously fun bumper balls are easy to store and transport and they’ll keep kids engaged for hours. And parents whose nerves are frayed from watching their kids hurl themselves at one another without the benefit of a large, inflated bumper suit can finally rest easy. 

Franklin Sports Target Toss Football

This is a fun, simple football-throwing target game that’s built to last. It comes with three mini footballs, and it can be played indoors or outdoors. With different-sized scoring holes, you can strategize a whole football game by aiming for the 1-point run zone, the 1-point pass zone, the 3-point touchdown zone, or the 2-point field goal zone. Just don’t tell the NFL how dramatically you’ve been tinkering with their precious scoring system. 

Updated March 2022