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Practically Indestructible Toys for Kids Who Play HARD

The perfect, durable, unbreakable, play-with-it-againable toy doesn't exis —

Deena Campbell · 6 months ago

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Kids of all ages play tough. They wrestle, run, jump, fall down and swing on anything that will hold their weight. That’s why it seems like most kid toys aren’t built to last. Sure, there are toys you can pass down from one child to the next, but by and large, most toys fall short. Enter: Heavy-duty toys that are designed to take a beating. Try these seriously indestructible toys that can take all the exploring, adventuring, and all-day-playing your kids can throw at them.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

We honestly cannot think of anything more fun than hurling rockets high into the air. 

Add cool tricks, and consider your entire summer made. Kids will enjoy watching miniature stunt rockets perform tricks, loops, and shoot into the air up to 100 feet. Just be sure to stomp as hard as possible for optimal results.

Tangle NightBall Basketball

Tangle Creations-Shoot 1-09 1200x


Why should all the fun stop when the sun goes down? For nighttime adventures, pass around this basketball with LED technology for the perfect amount of light. Try it in your basement with the lights out for a cool sleepover activity — just put the breakable items far, far away.

Melissa & Doug Blocks

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Melissa & Doug

Building blocks are the classic learning activity, but that’s just one reason to love them. Explore spatial awareness, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving with high-quality blocks that won't warp, bow, or bend.

Water Resistant Uno Splash Card Game



Okay, so yes, card games aren’t indestructible, but water-resistant cards in a backyard filled with water toys and games is about as indestructible as your grandma's cast iron pan. These plastic-coated cards are perfect for UNO lovers ages 7 years and older, and of course, your genius 5 year old who's always down to try something new.

Shonco Magic Star Cube



Looking for a fun toy with an under-$10 price tag that keeps the older ones entertained? This puzzle transforms into a myriad of geometric figures that takes a bit of brain power to figure out. Also nice? Try throwing it on the wall a few times — we promise it won't break.

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower


Go Sports

This tower isn't the most affordable out there, but its durability and effectiveness make it well worth the price. Aside from it being a fun game for the entire family, the best part is that the wooden blocks won’t break as they topple over. The set also includes a canvas carrying case for easy portability so nothing gets left behind. 

Jacob's Ladder


Neato Toys

The Jacob’s Ladder is an old-timey toy (named after the Jacob in the Bible who saw a ladder descending from heaven) that's also a kinetic illusion — and it's basically addictive, so get ready for lots of repeat play. This version is made with extra-strong reinforced ribbon to hold the blocks together, so you never have to worry about blocks coming loose and spoiling the fun, no matter how many times you clunk-clunk-clunk them.

Power Your Fun Sensory Ball



Slime, meets tennis ball, meets glitter. This durable, squishy stress ball makes a great fidget toy for kids or a novelty toy for the hard-to-please teen in your life. It’s also a nontoxic, tactile toy for really anyone who wants to relax and focus after a challenging day. Or, you know, any day during a pandemic.