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Toys and Gadgets to Keep You Busy on the Bus

Be the kid EVERYBODY wants to sit next to.

Margo Gothelf · 2 months ago

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Sure, you could do your homework on the bus ... or you could entertain yourself with these toys and gadgets. Everything on this list is portable, handheld, and easy to fit in a backpack, making them perfect for the bus, no matter how long or short the ride.

Oregon Trail Hand Held Game

Think it's complicated to get to school? Try making it across the Oregon Trail! This old-school hand held game will transport you right back to the 19th century and give you a little history lesson along the way. 

Tegu Travel Pals Hummingbird Puzzle

Taking a puzzle on the go has never been easier, thanks to the Tegu Hummingbird. Challenge yourself and see just how fast you can solve this six-block puzzle. Just don't get too involved and miss your bus stop! 

Tiger Electronics Sonic Hand Held Game

Wouldn't it be great if you could ditch the bus and run like Sonic all the way to school? While we figure out how to make that happen, have Sonic keep you company on the bus with this Tiger Electronics hand held Sonic game. It'll have you getting to the bus stop early just so you can beat all of the levels and defeat Dr. Eggman before class.

Basic Fun Mini Frogger Arcade Game

Think you have what it takes to get Frogger back home safely? Put your skills to the test with this mini version of the arcade classic. Use the retro joystick to navigate the jumping frog in and out of traffic and over the flowing river. And let's hope your bus ride goes more smoothly than the frog's trip across the highway! 

iScream Tie Dye Pastel Earbud Compact

Waking up bright and early for school is not on the top of most kids' lists. When you just need a moment to yourself on your bus ride to zone out with a few tunes, a pair of stylish earbuds can be a lifesaver. These compact earbuds are Bluetooth friendly and will tune out the morning noise. Plus, they have a three-hour charge, so you can put them away in the morning and still have enough juice for the ride home. Have a longer ride or just want a stylish accessory? Check out the Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones for an alternative headphone option. 

Bop-It Micro

Fair warning — this micro version of the nostalgic 1990s toy will probably have "Bop it! Twist it! SCORE!" stuck in your head all day long (apologies to the bus driver in advance). Play a round on your own to see how high you can get your streak going, or turn on "Pass It" mode to get the whole bus involved. With a hot game of Bop It going, the bus ride will go by in a flash. 

Ridley's Would You Rather?

New kid on the school bus this year? Break the ice and start a conversation with the Ridley's Would You Rather card game. The portable card game poses 2,500 different "desert-island" scenarios. All the random, funny this-or-that options will keep you entertained and help you land a bus buddy in no time.

Areaware Cubebot

It's a good thing you'll be on the bus every day, because you'll need multiple rides to figure out how to solve the Cubebot puzzle. The foldable puzzle can be twisted and bent into hundreds of different positions, but only one is the true solution. Once you've solved the puzzle, play around with it to see what other nifty positions you can put the Cubebot in. 

Mindfulness Cards

Let's be real — the beginning of a new school year can be a little overwhelming. Take a minute while you're on the bus to refresh and recharge with a deck of Mindfulness Cards. Each card includes a calming phrase on the front and a mini mindfulness exercise on the back. Read a few each morning on your drive to school to prep for a calming start to a stress-free (or just less stressed) day. 

Sketchbook and Scented Gel Pens

If art is your favorite subject in school, you're going to want to get your hands on a good all-purpose sketchbook and set of scented glitter gel pens for the bus. Use the sketchbook and set of pens to draw landscapes or just doodle as you drive through town. Maybe the bus driver will let you hang up your art and turn the bus into a moving gallery! 

Mindful String Games

Keep your bus entertainment simple with a piece of string. The Mindful String Games set comes with a booklet to teach you ten different games like cat's cradle to keep your fingers busy on your ride to school. Plus, some of the games incorporate meditative qualities to encourage calmness — so keep this one handy before the morning of your big test!