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Top Toys of the Week for May 10th

Here at Camp, we're pretty focused on fun. Our team is always looking for unique finds, hot trends, and the very best toys and gifts for families. That's why we're sharing some of the new toys we're most excited about, and we hope you like them too.

Graham Steinberg · 5 months ago

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School’s almost out, and our diabolical instincts are starting to kick in. While educational play and outdoor play both mean the house stays (mostly) clean, we can’t let those countertops stay shiny and couches stay white forever, right? It’s high time to grab some paint, slime, and sand and GET MESSY.  

Kinetic Sand

kinetic sand

Who doesn’t love the almost addictive feeling of kinetic sand? It’s super soft yet can cling together with the strength of bricks. These construction site kits will have you building the best sand castles, guaranteed.

CAMP White Tee and Tie Dye Kit

We love our classic white tees just the way they are, but we also know you’re here to mess up anything you can get your hands on. Don’t worry, we get it. That’s why we’re pairing our signature shirt with this five-color tie dye kit so that you can make it your own.

Science Academy Slime Lab



There’s probably nothing more messy than slime — and if you are ready to be crowned Lord of Ooze, this science kit is perfect for you. It has everything you need to learn the ways of slime in a super safe and educational manner.

Making in the Moment Pottery Wheel

Maybe you don’t want to make something gross. Maybe you want your mess to be a true work of art. This pottery wheel is pulled straight out of your school’s art center and comes with a smorgasbord of options including two full pounds of clay as well as 14 sculpting tools and 12 paints.

Klutz My Fairy Wand & Wings

What do you wish for? A mess of your own? This kit will let you bring out your inner Tinker Bell through fun crafting projects where you can make your own wand, crown, and even wings!

Discovery Glowing Volcano


Horizon Group

You know who was the ultimate messmaker? That’s right: Mount Vesuvius. She covered an ENTIRE CITY in dust. No way you’re going to clean that up with a vacuum. This volcano experiment kit might not be as messy but it certainly will get all over the kitchen counter and teach you a bit about how these crazy forces of nature work.


jenga copy


A mess doesn’t always have to be sticky or slimy. You can make a mess just by playing a fun game! That’s because when you lose a round of Jenga, you don’t just have to go back a couple spaces — the entire tower you’ve been working on falls, and blocks go EVERYWHERE!

TOMY Boon Pipes



What??? How??? Making a mess while getting clean??? Yes, it is possible. This set of pipes for the bath will let you play with water and send it wherever you want. Perfect for earlier learners too, and as a distraction while washing your hair.

Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set


Little Tikes

Each of these blocks is over two feet in area and we promise they will take over your entire living room. They are perfect for building a fort or a rocket ship or a branch of a local credit union. Whatever you can possibly imagine!

KaBlocks Blast

kaboomblocks copy


You’ve made the perfect tower but it’s time to clean up and get ready for dinner. Clean up? No, thank you. KABLAM! That amazing tower you just made just launched over six feet into the air and is now spread across the room. What do you think about that?

YOUniverse Color Change Lip Balm

Tired of having just one color lip balm that always tastes like strawberries? This kit lets you mix and match five different fruity flavors to create dozens of colors using your body's own pH level. Science meets style! 

Kid Made Modern Frosty Treat Jewelry Kit

With the summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to celebrate your love of frozen treats with this ice cream themed jewelry kit. Take over the kitchen table for the afternoon, spread all the little bits and pieces of this cool craft supply kit all over the surface, and have at it!

Mad Mattr Modeling Dough



Last but not least, we return to the world of sand with Mad Mattr! This super-thick dough will hold together no matter how you play with it. Perfect for ASMR fun as well as motor skill development.