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These Unicorn Gifts and Toys Are Pure Sparkly Rainbow Magic

Flowy manes, check. Dazzling horns, check. Overall sparkly vibes, triple-check.

Maria Bailey · 5 months ago

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Unicorns have pranced right out of the pages of fairy tales and into our hearts, and it's easy to see why: Everything's better with a little bit of sparkly rainbow unicorn magic sprinkled on it. (Maybe even broccoli!) Give a little bit of real-life magic with these unicorn-themed gifts for kids! 

For Ages 3 - 5

Uni the Unicorn

Ever wonder if unicorns are real? What if there are unicorns out there wondering the same about you? Uni the Unicorn is a story about believing — centered around a unicorn named Uni who has been told by fellow unicorns that little girls aren’t real. Uni, however, is convinced little girls ARE real, and somewhere out there, there is a wonderful and magical little girl waiting to be best friends. 

Pony Cycle Pink Small Unicorn


Galloping around on a unicorn might be one of your wildest dreams, but now you can turn this dream into a reality with the Pony Cycle Pink Small Unicorn! Just hop in the saddle, bounce, and go! With easy to steer handlebars, you can go as fast or slow as you please. And just as kids come in different sizes, it turns out unicorns come in different sizes, too. You can choose from a small size, perfect for kids ages 3 to 5, and a medium size so little riders aged 4 to 9 can get in on the fun, too!

Mudpuppy Secret Picture Unicorn Castle Puzzle



Create a scene straight from a fairytale complete with unicorns, princesses, enchanting castles, and more with the Mudpuppy Secret Picture Unicorn Castle Puzzle. Once you have pieced together all 42 pieces, the fun doesn't end there — place a special wand over parts of the puzzle to reveal secret images! 

VTech Myla the Magical Unicorn



Unicorns might be the stuff of mythical fantasies, but now you can bring them to life in the form of a robot (yes, robot). Myla the Magical Unicorn glitters with lights as she talks and sings, changes the color of her eyes, wings, and horn when prompted, and makes for a rocking duet partner. Belt out a tune with Myla using her microphone, or when it's time to go solo, she'll continue playing music as you take the mic. She'll brighten up your day with a positive message and even tell you the lucky color when you pat her back. Add magic to your day with Myla! 

A Unicorn Named Sparkle

In this beloved children's book, a girl named Lucy pays 25 cents for a unicorn, waits 4 to 6 weeks for it to arrive, and even picked out the perfect name: Sparkles. But when Sparkles arrives, he lacks that unicorn sparkle she'd originally hoped for. His ears are too long, and his horn is too short, he smells kind of funky, and, oh, he has fleas! While Sprinkles is not what Lucy had expected, in time, she realizes Sprinkles is just what she needs. 

For Ages 6 - 10

Unicorn Mini Erasers

Make mistakes — but make them magical! These Unicorn Mini Erasers are an exciting addition to a unicorn lover’s pencil case, featuring an assortment of 12 mini unicorn, rainbow, cupcake, and star erasers, so you can erase things just like magic! 

iScream Unicorn Glitter Headphones

0008560 unicorn-shaped-headphones

Unicorn-shaped headphones? Well, that's just music to our unicorn-loving ears! These Unicorn Glitter Headphones feature a gold electroplated wire shaped like a unicorn, a gold glitter earpiece, comfy padding, and even a speaker function. Need we say more?

Story Magic DYO Light-Up Unicorn

Story Magic DYO Light-Up Unicorn: 0

Light up your creativity and imagination with the Story Magic DYO Light-Up Unicorn! Mix and match vibrant paints on a ready-to-decorate unicorn and make it your own magical masterpiece. Once dry, add batteries and turn on the light switch to illuminate your beautiful creation while adding an element of wonder and magic to your room. 

Hog Wild White Unicorn Popper

Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns … but it can be with this Unicorn Popper! Launch rainbow-colored soft foam balls into the air up to 20 feet high from a ball-ejecting unicorn. Just squeeze the unicorn's belly and send the ball flying with a satisfying “pop”!

Peter Pauper Press Scratch and Sketch Unicorn Adventure

unicorn adventure

Go on a magical adventure with a girl named Polly and her unicorn friend as they journey to an enchanted castle in the Scratch and Sketch Unicorn Adventure art activity book! Use your stylus pen like a magic wand to trace around the unicorn, friends, and all the wonders they encounter along the way. Find out what secret colors are hidden behind the black-coated pages as the story progresses page by page. 

For Tweens and Teens

Bari Lynn Acrylic Unicorn Clutch

Add some unicorn magic to your outfit with a head-turning clutch that is every bit the fashion statement! But that's not the only statement the Bari Lynn Acrylic Unicorn Clutch is making. With a glittery horn appliqué on one side, and the word "UNIQUE" in big capital letters on the other, unicorn style icons will feel empowered wherever they go!  

Fashion Angels Unicorn Nail Designer Kit


Picture this: freshly manicured nails blown dry by a unicorn — yes, a unicorn! Fashion Angels Unicorn Nail Designer Kit has everything you need to create the most magical nails, complete with nail varnish, nail stickers, and a unicorn nail polish dryer, because why not? 

FEISTY PETS Glenda Glitterpoop the Unicorn


Unicorns are known to be one of the most majestic mythical creatures there ever was — but, well, have you met Glenda Glitterpoop? She appears to be oh-so-sweet, right? Well, watch out when you squeeze her. Let's just say those pearly whites of hers might startle you. Consider yourself warned! 

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns Base Game 1

What’s better than one unicorn? An ARMY of them — and the objective of Unstable Unicorns is to build one! Each card features a unicorn with a different type of superpower that will help you create the strongest unicorn unit to win the game. 

For All Ages

Cuddle & Kind Ella the Unicorn

7 ella 1080x

Cuddle & Kind

Ella the Unicorn brings magic to even the littlest of unicorn lovers! She's ethically produced and beautifully created, handmade stitch by stitch. This also makes her perfect for cuddling, especially at bedtime when little dreamers drift away to a magical land where the sun sparkles among a cotton candy sky where Ella once belonged.

Uni the Unicorn

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