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12 Surprisingly Useful Ways to Repurpose Legos

You'll never look at your Lego box the same way again.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Lego Plant Holder

Let's Do This

While it’s fun to build and create with Legos, you might be surprised at just how practical and useful those little plastic bricks really are. Turns out there are some pretty cool ways to reuse Legos after they've served their initial purpose. Have a look at the creative and useful ideas below to see what you can do with all your extra Legos. 

Lego Belt

lego belt

Delia Creates

Turn your Lego bricks into a fashion statement with this LEGO belt buckle. The belt buckle uses a small Lego plate for the surface of the buckle, allowing you to place different color bricks on top to match your outfit. This fashion accessory is a must-have for any Lego-obsessed kid. 

DIY Lego Picture Frames


Laly Mom

Frame your favorite memory by creating a picture frame out of Lego bricks. Choose any pattern, color, or design you would like and make a frame that fits right around your photo for a memorable keepsake. Head on over to Laly Mom for some inspiration for patterns and designs. Make sure to check out her design that spells out “mom,” to get a head start on your Mother’s Day gift for this coming year. 

DIY Lego Clock


Artsy Fartsy Mama

Not only will this Lego clock look awesome hanging in your kid's room, but it also might help them learn how to tell time on an analog clock. The DIY clock uses a large Lego plate for the base and bricks for the numbers of the clock. It then adds one brick at a time to represent each number on the clock. Find out how to make this clock at Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Lego Tissue Box Cover

LEGO Tissue Box Cover

Amy Latta Creations

Give boring old tissue boxes a quick makeover with a Lego tissue box cover. Head on over to Amy Latta Creations to see how she uses an assortment of Lego bricks to build up a fun covering for a store-bought tissue box. Who knows, maybe this will encourage kids to use tissues instead of their sleeves!

Lego Marble Maze


Crafty Mummy

Sometimes you don’t need instructions to play with Legos — just take this Lego marble maze for example. The maze can be customized any way you want: Add different twists and turns to ramp up the difficulty, or make a simple maze and see just how fast you can reach the end. Check out Crafty Mummy for all of the details on this nifty activity. 

Lego Checkerboard

Lego Checkerboard

Little Bins for Little Hands

Anyone who loves board games and Legos will be sure to love this DIY Lego checkerboard that combines the best of both toys. The DIY board uses a large Lego plate, 64 4x4 square plates, and 2x2 size bricks for all the checker pieces. Not only is this board fun to create, but it is also great for a game on the go. The pieces will stick to the board, keeping everyone’s move in place.

Lego Stamped Cards

With just some basic crafting paint and colored paper, you can turn your typical Lego bricks into stamps. Use different size bricks to create shapes and patterns on cardstock. When the Lego stamps are dry on the paper, add a bit of glitter to outline the stamps and turn your one-of-a-kind piece of art into a card. Check out the video tutorial to see how you can get started making Lego stamp cards.

DIY Lego Chess Set


100 Directions

If you thought the Lego checkerboard was a great idea, wait until you see this Lego chess set. The board has the same idea but uses different Lego figures to represent the chess pieces. Check out all of the details over on 100 Directions, where you’ll find a full set of instructions.

Lego Spinning Tops

If you’ve ever wanted to see your Legos on the move, you definitely want to check out these Lego spinning tops. The activity takes basic pieces from an average Lego set and repurposes them into spinning tops. Check out the video and see how many tops you can make spin and which one goes the fastest. Once you’ve built up a collection of tops, build an “arena” out of Lego and battle the tops to see which one is best!

Lego Sudoku Game

Lego sudoku game

Lasting Thumbprints

If you love building with Legos, chances are you also love puzzle games like sudoku. Now, you can combine both activities thanks to this imaginative idea from Lasting Thumbprints. The game uses the same rules as a sudoku puzzle, but replaces the numbers with different colored Lego bricks. Start with a board of four bricks and see if you can solve the puzzle. Once you’ve got the basics down, add in another column, making the puzzle even more challenging.

Lego Puzzle Pictures

lego picture puzzle

I Can Teach My Child

Your kids will have a good laugh making different combinations out of this Lego puzzle picture. For this craft, you’ll need a 4x6 picture, a craft knife, double-sided tape, and Duplo bricks. Once you've got your supplies ready, tape the picture on the blocks and use the knife to cut around the stack of Duplo. When the picture is glued to the blocks, stack the images to complete the puzzle. If you’ve made multiple stacks, mix and match the pieces. See what your kids would look like on their sibling's body or make them extra tall by combining images!

DIY Lego Planters

Looking to upgrade your indoor garden lewk? Give your plants little Lego plant homes. Measure the plant pots and surround them with different colored bricks. Make sure there are no gaps for soil to escape, so it doesn't make a mess. Don’t worry if your plants outgrow the holders, as you can always add more pieces and give the plants more room to grow.